May 24, 2022

Marine Le Pen smoothes her speech on identity to appease the “republican left”

Spring 2021. A scent of stewed vegetables wafts through her kitchen. This Sunday in April, in La Celle-Saint-Cloud (Yvelines), Marine Le Pen is preparing a couscous-merguez. His guest arrives. Soft voice, athletic line and afro cut, Rachel Khan published the essay Racy (L’Observatoire, 2021), which combs what it calls the “victim thought” new anti-racists. Born in Tours to a Gambian Muslim father and a Jewish mother of Polish origin, she crossed swords against identity assignment with a bite that seduced even the conservative right… and caught the eye of the President of the National Rally (RN).

Rachel Khan, today, coordinates a working group of La République en Marche on immigration, integration and secularism, for the future campaign of Emmanuel Macron. The minister in charge of citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, made her godmother of the Prize for secularism; the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, presented him with the Literary Prize for Human Rights. In July, she saw her essay crowned with the Political Book Prize at the National Assembly, where she castigated “a woke and racialist colonization”, which she equates to racism, and advocates “an infinite identity in relation to the other”.

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But at the time when her book appears, in March 2021, the sky is stormy for the former adviser to Jean-Paul Huchon in the Ile-de-France region. An avalanche of attacks falls within a left torn on identity, equality and secularism. On March 16, Rachel Khan receives an SMS. His sender entrusts him with his “sempiternal feeling of injustice which [l]‘hugged in the face of so much wickedness and bigotry’. “I’d fly to your rescue, but not sure it doesn’t make the situation worse.” We assure you of our support, even discreetly. » Sign : ” Marine Le Pen “.

A deep disagreement

The boss of the RN knows the name Le Pen radioactive. Discreetly, a meeting is organized through a friend, Verlaine Djeni, a former Les Républicains activist active on the far-right Boulevard Voltaire site against the Black Lives Matter movement, born in support of African-American victims of police violence. At the table, Rachel Khan discovers in Marine Le Pen an endearing and fragile woman… as if tortured by demons dragged into the legacy of Jean-Marie Le Pen. “Your campaign is like a championship, the former high-level sportswoman whispers to her. You have to win over yourself. » And bury the markers of the National Front.

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