May 22, 2022

Marine Le Pen obtains a loan of 10.6 million euros from a European bank

The National Rally candidate finally obtained a loan to finance her campaign for the 2022 presidential election, when she complained of being refused.

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The National Rally candidate for the 2022 presidential election, Marine Le Pen, has taken out a loan of 10.6 million euros from a European bank to cover her campaign expenses, franceinfo learned on Friday January 28 from the entourage of the candidate, confirming information from BFMTV. On January 19, on France Inter, Marine Le Pen had claimed to have suffered fifty refusals from banks to help her finance her campaign. “This situation should scandalize all people attached to democracy”, she denounced.

She then regretted that “the bank of democracy that had been promised by Emmanuel Macron [ait] been thrown in the trash without any explanation”. Marine Le Pen had also written to the President of the Republic last September, to call for “open up new financing possibilities”.

Funding difficulties are recurrent during the campaigns of the National Rally, formerly the National Front. In 2014, a Russian bank lent 9 million euros to the party founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen for the municipal elections. Party officials then explained that they had been forced into this solution by the refusal of all French banks to lend to the party.