January 25, 2022

Margaux Pinot believed “to give up his life”, Alain Schmitt castigates a “media lynching”

While the release of judo coach Alain Schmitt – accused of domestic violence against Olympic champion Margaux Pinot – on Wednesday provoked a revolt within French judo, the latter said, Thursday, December 2, to have believed “Leave it there [sa] life “.

The judoka accuses her companion and former trainer, Alain Schmitt, 38, of having beaten her, pulled her hair and tried to strangle her in her apartment, on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Her calls for help alerted some neighbors, where she found refuge before the police arrived, around 2:30 a.m.

Suffering from bruises and a broken nose, she was prescribed ten days of temporary incapacity for work. On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the Bobigny Criminal Court released the former member of the France judo team after a hearing for immediate appearance, considering “Not having enough proof of guilt”. The prosecution appealed.

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Outburst of violence

In a press conference with her lawyer, her face covered with bruises, Margaux Pinot, 27, described an outburst of violence on the part of her companion, then alcoholic, when she was in bed. “He straddled me, he started punching me, right, left… I didn’t even defend myself to avoid the blows, I told him Alain, stop, stop! », she related.

” I said to myself you have to get out of him or else you’re dead.(…) I thought I was going to give up my life there. His blows were numerous, I had never faced violence like that. »

Alain Schmitt also held a press conference a few hours before that of the young woman. Considering himself set up as an archetype of the violent man despite his release, he castigated a “Media lynching”. “There was a call [du parquet], it is justice. They have the right to do it and they have done it. Now, what I do not respect, on the other hand, is the media lynching that has been carried out around this. Instagram, Twitter, it’s anything but a court ”, estimated the 38-year-old trainer, a bruise covering the upper right part of the face.

Judo coach Alain Schmitt at a press conference, December 2, 2021.

In front of journalists, the bronze medalist at the 2013 Worlds (less than 81 kg) categorically denied having struck Margaux Pinot, or hit her head against the ground. According to him, bitter at his departure for Israel scheduled a few hours later, Margaux Pinot threw himself on him and they would then have fought as in a judo fight, rolling in the middle of the apartment. “She hit me hard in the door, then we went from right to left, in the wall, in the radiator… We really hit everywhere”, said Alain Schmitt.

Support from the Minister of Sports

Margaux Pinot strongly rejected this version: ” He lies ! “ On Wednesday afternoon, the judoka spoke publicly for the first time on the case, posting a photo of her swollen face on social networks. In a legend, she was indignant at the release pronounced against Alain Schmitt: “What is their slanderous defense worth against my injuries, and the blood strewn on the floor of my apartment?” What was missing? Death at the end, perhaps? “

After the decision of the Bobigny court, the Israeli Judo Federation announced that it had suspended all contact with Alain Schmitt. “Considering the procedure which is in progress and the independence of the judiciary, in my position as Minister, I cannot express myself on the procedure which is in progress”, for her part, said Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu, however “In support of Margaux [Pinot] who, for me, is clearly a victim in what happened. “

The individual record of Margaux Pinot, who fought in two categories (less than 63 and less than 70 kg), includes in particular a world bronze medal in 2019, two titles of European champion (2019 and 2020) and two medals of mainland money (2017, 2021).

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The stars of French judo Teddy Riner and Clarisse Agbégnénou have publicly expressed their support for their teammate of the France team. “It was my spirit of warrior, of fighter, that saved me. It’s judo ”, estimated the person, who has now confided « [penser] life differently ”.

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