May 22, 2022

Maracineanu responds to the Green Angels

This was a good thing since the minister had had the right to a few Kop Sud banners: ”Qatar, China, Romeyer, the tour of dictators for Roxana” and “Ban on travel until the end of the season for a few torches… You are the most enlightened!”.

Avoiding as so often the contradictions between the policy carried out in France with football, and the promotion of the World Cup in Qatar, the minister focused on the subject of smoke bombs: “I remind you that smoke bombs are prohibited. If they are prohibited, it is because they are dangerous. After the discussions we had with the clubs, the Minister of the Interior and Justice, we proposed to that there is a fixed fine which is put in place. It will be voted in the law which is currently passing through the National Assembly and which will be voted on at the end of the month. By calculation, this makes around 15,000 euros. I would like these 15,000 euros in fixed fine to be reinvested in raising awareness in the songs of the supporters.

This proposal goes completely against the grain of the work carried out by the National Support Authority, it comes above all to sanction in the same way a person entering a smoke bomb and a person entering a knife or a firearm in a stadium. After having therefore recalled that smoke bombs were prohibited, because they were dangerous, Roxana Maracineanu has expressed its wish to see the use legalized…

“The deputies intend to register it in a more permanent way in the organization of football. I have nothing against smoke bombs, it is something magnificent in a stadium but it is a practice to be supervised. They shouldn’t be banned.”

Words transcribed by RMC

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