July 1, 2022

maintenance, supporters, Nantes, controversy, Dupraz was in great shape

Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: top 10 market values ​​of the Greens

The group

“We are waiting for the last training to find out about Ryad Boudebouz and Neyou. Aimen Moueffek was hit in the French Cup and I think that’s all. What good news, it was going for Harold Moukoudi.”

The upkeep

“The mission is not complicated but exhilarating. Then there is the factual with the classification. . The goal is to make the defense less permeable and our attack more verbose, that’s the job of a coach. If things were frozen, we would be royally pissed off. By relying on the numbers, we must offer less goals. My mission is also to play down the situation. I don’t want to talk about what was going wrong. I don’t want to serve my opponents. I’m not neutral and I don’t give anything to others. C ‘is complex enough as it is. “

The supporters

“We have met supporters without seeing two groups for the moment. The exchanges went well. When I came to play here with my teams, the supporters influenced the referee against us. I hope to live it now with the ASSE. “

FC Nantes

“I know that tomorrow there will be a real match against Nantes. The Stéphanois will be ready. I only think good of this Nantes team, but my first thoughts are with my players who have quality, who are disciplined and courageous. “

Marcus Coco who wants to push the Greens

“I take Marcus Coco at his word but I don’t care what he says. He has the right to say whatever he wants. If you’ve played sports, you understand the mechanism. When there are 20 games left. to play, that means that things can move. We will play the match tomorrow and after that we will do the accounts. “

Africa Cup

“There are boys who were selectable and who decided to stay here to get the club out of this situation. Camara has been in discussions with the club for a month, and he told us he preferred to stay. Youssouf also . “


“There are still 60 points to be gleaned. I have made apothecary accounts, 12 points that we are not going to take away, 10 points that the supporters give each season, there are 20 points that we intend to take. We won’t have them tomorrow night of course. “

to summarize

Pascal Dupraz, the new coach of ASSE, was just at a press conference, before the arrival of FC Nantes, tomorrow Wednesday in the cauldron. Here is what to remember from his press briefing for a meeting which will be his first in L1 with the Greens.