July 1, 2022

Macron denies having offered to make university chargeable

POLITICS – When it’s blurry, you have to catch up. Questioned by young people in Creuse, Emmanuel Macron, who has still not wanted to formalize his presidential candidacy, returned on Monday January 24 to his recent allusion to the functioning and costs of faculties. Oppositions accuse him of wanting to increase the registration price, which he denies.

The initial scene took place on Thursday, January 13, during the closing of the Congress of the Conference of University Presidents. The Head of State then considers a system of higher education “without any price” for students but with a massive failure rate to be untenable.

“We cannot remain permanently in a system where higher education is priceless for almost all students, where a third of students are considered to be scholarship holders, and yet where there is so much precariousness and difficulty to finance a model which is much more financed by public money than anywhere in the world”, he had launched, assuming to speak with “clarity and frankness”, without however giving more details on the “structural” refoundation that he calls for his wishes.

Free universities, paid training

An outing which, three months before the first round of the presidential election and in a context of rampant student precariousness, aroused criticism from its opponents, on the right and on the left. So much so that it came back on the table, this Monday, in Ahun, during an exchange with young people from Creuse. And according to the head of state, his detractors made him say the opposite of what he really thinks.

“Contrary to what I have read everywhere in the press, I never said that”, exclaimed Emmanuel Macron, as you can see it below, assuring that he did not want to “charge” the students but on the contrary to fight against precariousness. “I challenge anyone to find this phrase that has come out everywhere. It seems that we are in the countryside, and therefore apparently a lot of people in this case come out of things and make you say the opposite”, he regretted, with a half-smile.

“What I was talking about is rather lifelong professional training, which universities will have to put in place and which are intended to be paid for. And which will allow universities to have income and to function by giving themselves more means”, he explained, taking up more or less the arguments of his Minister of Higher Education, last week.

Frédérique Vidal had actually already tried to extinguish the controversy in the face of the growing outcry. After a response to the Assembly, she had given a long interview to Release, Thursday, January 20, in which she certified: “He didn’t say he wanted to raise the registration fee. There is no hidden agenda, neither for now nor for later.” Understand: not even for spring 2022… for that matter, anyway.

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