January 24, 2022

Macron accused of wanting to make university pay with his “systemic” reform

UNIVERSITIES – In the aftermath of the President’s announcements on his desire for a “systemic” reform of French universities, the pill does not pass to the left. Exposed this Thursday, January 13 by Emmanuel Macron, this “systemic” reform will in particular aim to make universities more “professionalizing”, to put an end to a current system which he considers “outdated”.

The Head of State also spoke about the “intolerable mess” of failure in the first year at university, where “only 50% of students take exams”, despite the injection of new means and the creation of 84,000 places. To remedy this, Emmanuel proposes to get rid of a higher education system with a massive failure rate and “without any price for almost all students”.

“We will not be able to remain permanently in a system where higher education has no price for almost all students, where a third of students are considered to be scholarship holders and where, however, we have so much student insecurity, and a difficulty to finance a model much more financed by public money than anywhere in the world”, he expressed.

“I say things with the clarity and frankness that you know me” because “if we do not solve these structural problems, we would be lying to ourselves”, declared Emmanuel Macron.

A left, this time, welded

Since these declarations made during the Congress of the Conference of University Presidents, the remarks made by the President of the Republic are perplexing. Some believe that the president, not yet officially a candidate for re-election in 2022, plans to make the university chargeable, under cover of the argument of too much precariousness among students. Especially on the left, where it does not pass.

For Ian Brossat, campaign manager for communist candidate Fabien Roussel, Emmanuel Macron’s announcements are an “avalanche of words and reels with his arms to ultimately propose a university… paying”. All, according to him, in the name of the fight “against student precariousness”.

Nonsense also for Fabien Roussel who compares the idea to the university model in the United States: “The university reserved for rich kids is the American model”. The PCF candidate adds that France “needs to raise the level of training and qualification of the entire generation to come”.

Same story for Alexis Corbière on the set of CNews this Friday, January 14. The spokesperson for Jean-Luc Mélenchon responded to the logic advocated the day before by Emmanuel Macron according to which it was necessary to make the university paying to make it more selective.

“If you charge the university you necessarily create a barrier, or else you put students in debt” he reacted before adding on Twitter that he refuses “an American-style system with unsustainable student debt” and “the establishment of money selection in higher education”.

For Gabrielle Siry-Houari, deputy mayor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris and spokesperson for the Socialist Party, “this desire of the President to destroy everything that makes up the French system is truly depressing”.

A form of sacred union of the left, while on the other side of the chessboard, the reactions were rather discreet or non-existent after the statements of the president.

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