May 24, 2022

Lyon condemns the ultras banner before the derby against Saint-Etienne

OL condemns the ultras banner

Lyon published a short press release on Twitter concerning the banner displayed by the ultras before the derby against Saint-Etienne: “OL condemns the banner placed outside its infrastructure this Wednesday. No sporting rivalry can justify such remarks , even more when they then take shape negatively in our stadiums.”

The banner read: “Derby: They’re dying, finish them off!”.

It’s over for the OL press conference before the derby

Léo Dubois and Peter Bosz are done with this pre-derby press conference. See you Friday at 9 p.m. for the OL-ASSE match live with commentary on the RMC Sport website and app.

Bosz on the audience for the derby

“It is perhaps the most important game for the supporters. When they are not there it is boring for them. For us too. We played against Paris with 5,000 supporters there too and we will play without anyone against OM. But unfortunately I can’t change anything about that.”

Bosz on Henrique

“In Brazil he played with four but it’s different there. He can play 4 or 5 behind. He brings a lot of energy in the attack with his runs. I’m happy with his development.”

Bosz on Moussa Dembele

“Moussa can do better, that’s clear. He worked well for the team but some chances were unclear. A good Moussa can do better but he scored the penalty. I hope he will score in the game.”

Bosz on the programming of OL-OM

“In my opinion, it’s weird. In the middle of a championship, there is a Fifa date. I don’t understand that. And then it’s been quite a while. I remember the date exactly. It was November 21 that we played, that we played three minutes against Marseille. We are gone, pff… It’s been more than two months and we still don’t have a date. I think that’s when even a little bit weird. Even today I don’t know when we’re going to play. No idea. They’re two good players so if we don’t have Lucas Paqueta and Bruno Guimaraes, Marseille will be happy and we won’t.”

According to our information, two dates are possible: in a week or on February 2. A decision could be known this Thursday.

Bosh sur Cherki

“I’m talking to Rayan and not you.”

Bosz sur Lukeba

“As the results weren’t good, we picked up Denayer and I paired him with Boateng for the experience. It hurt me because Lukeba was playing well. I had the same problem with Malo Gusto. J I saw the possibilities of Castello even if he has things to improve. He is a player with a lot of potential.”

Bosz on the derby

“A derby is always a special match. Already in the first leg they were in crisis and we drew. Even if we were better and we had to win. A derby is a special match.”

Bosz on the finish

“We did a lot of practice on the last 30m and making good decisions. We practiced on that. But it’s up to the player to make the right decision despite the pressure during the match”

Bosz on improvement

“I expect more. We have to kill the match against Troyes and score. We have to do better on the last passes and be calmer. On that we have to do better.”

Bosz on Shaqiri’s return to form

“He returned to Troyes well. It does not surprise me because he is training well. It is my experience with players who come from elsewhere, they need time to adapt to the championship and the team. . He didn’t disappoint me against Troyes.”

Bosz on a click against Siaint-Etienne

“I don’t think like that. But since Lille, I see another state of mind in the team. We have the state of mind that can help to win.”

Bosz on the defense at 5

“We are more balanced with five defenders. We get less in front of the opponent’s goal but also the opponent. We started playing like that because of the attackers who are at the CAN. Without a real winger it’s difficult to play with three players in front.”

Bosz on his central defense and the Mendes option

“We have several possibilities. We can play four, it’s the easiest. Thiago Mendes has already played in this position. Léo Dubois can also play in the center.”

Bosz on the squad for the derby

“The players have been training with us for a short time like Jeff. He has been training all the time. Same for Sinaly but I don’t count on them against ASSE. Thiago Mendes will be there. Emerson is not there because sick.”

Finished for Dubois, place for Bosz

That’s all for the passage of Léo Dubois. In a few moments, Peter Bosz will speak to the press.

Dubois on the big calendar against the rivals

“We were talking on Tuesday with Jeff Reine-Adélaide about this calendar. There was the desire to get our place against competitors but there was no fear. We know that these are important matches, we have heart to put OL back on the right track. It’s positive pressure.”

Dubois on the supporters’ anthem before the derby

“When we prepare for a match like this, we don’t talk about the OL anthem. But we hear it before the matches or when we are injured. We live our moments with emotion. For my part, I try to ignore what’s going on around you in order to win the game.”

Dubois on matches against rivals in the standings

“We are facing direct competitors in the coming month and a half. We have to take points otherwise it will be complicated in the standings. If we succeed this month, we will have to keep up the pace afterwards. Facing direct competitors, we have to take points .”

Dubois on the truce

“We found ourselves facing the wall before the break. It’s important to resume the march forward. We could have won against Paris but we still took 4 points out of 6. It’s positive.”

Dubois on Moussa Dembele

“We talk about a lot of things. On the pitch he brings us his maturity, he is very calm and very poised. We are able to follow a player like that. I’m happy that he scored, he didn’t always had an easy time at OL. I hope he has regained his confidence.”

Dubois on the gauge at 5,000

“It obviously has an impact. We play matches like the derby to share it with the fans. We know they will be behind us even if we don’t hear them. I hope to share the victory with them.”

Dubois on his feeling of the defense at 5

“I feel good at 4 or 5. In the five-man scheme we are more forward and the need to cross. These are different roles and I try to adapt as best as possible.”

Dubois on competition from Gusto

“I don’t know if it boosted me but I came back well after my injury. It’s always good to have competition because it pushes you to do better. But individual performances must serve the collective. is not 1 + 1 but all together that the collective must go for the victory. I was happy for him and for the group. Everyone has their playing time and you have to work every day to play. You have to perform when you have the opportunity to play. I want to win titles and we need 22 or 23 players to do that.”

Dubois on Lukeba

“I’m happy for him. […] We have to continue and stay focused on collective values. He must continue like this to help the group.”

Dubois on the classification of the Greens

“It must not level the values. We must ignore the classification, theirs and ours. We must win the derby and take the points. Quite simply.”

Dubois on the absence of supporters

“We are frustrated playing in front of 5,000 people because a derby has to be played in a full stadium. The fans could have helped us. We have to win for us and for them. Winning in the derby is a strong gesture and that should help us. allow you to step on the accelerator.”

Dubois on the defense at 5

“We have a more hilly defensive base and that’s also good on the offensive level. It’s by winning matches that we’ll get the machine going again in terms of goals. The goals will come back with confidence.”

Dubois on trust

“I feel that sequences are coming back. You have to cultivate a spirit of trust. You have to be combative and go for victory. […] It is as the games go that it will come. Winning the derby will push us forward, that’s important.”

Let’s go for Léo Dubois

“It was important to get back on track against Troyes. We started the year well with 4 points out of 6. We needed a victory against Toyes. We have to chain them to get back in the standings. The derby is the most important us and we have to take the points.”

A response from Bosz on the Cherki case?

The OL press conference will start soon. Peter Bosz will probably be asked about Rayan Cherki after the latest information on the Gones phenomenon.

Léo Dubois and Peter Bosz at a press conference before the derby

In a few minutes, the OL press conference before the derby will begin. In addition to Peter Bosz, right-back Léo Dubois will appear before journalists two days before the match of the 22nd day of Ligue 1 against Saint-Etienne.

The warrior banner of Lyon supporters

Two days before the derby, Lyon supporters are raising the pressure by unfurling a banner at the training center on Wednesday. “Derby: They’re in agony, finish them off!”.

The banner of OL supporters before the derby © Edward Jay

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