July 7, 2022

“luckily Momo wasn’t there, frankly”

That’s it, after 107 days at sea alone, Guirec Soudée set foot on the pontoon at Quai Tabarly, in Brest. He addressed the audience who warmly applauded him. A few hours earlier, he had taken his first steps ashore in front of the family home, where we met him.

It was so important for me to arrive in Brittany

Guirec Soudée, facing the crowd

Relive the live of Guirec Soudée’s arrival in the port of Brest after his rowing crossing of the North Atlantic.

Guirec Soudée made us wait before his passage facing Ouessant. But this time, he was on time at the Quai Tabarly pontoon in Brest. At 2 p.m., he entered the harbor, acclaimed by the crowd, like all the great heroes of ocean racing before him.

After the concert of the bombards and the binious, he had his first words for the few thousand people who came to welcome him: “i went through so many things. It is a miracle that I am here with my boat. I have a lucky star above me.

In a good-natured atmosphere, he did not forget to mention Momo, his famous hen who had accompanied him on a previous sailing expedition to Antarctica in 2018. “But luckily she wasn’t there, frankly.

In the early morning, at sunrise, when I saw Ouessant, I had tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe it.

After the last hours of towing following the crossing of the virtual line crossing the North Atlantic, Guirec Soudée took his first steps ashore.

Under the gaze of our reporter Benoit Thibaut, he joined, a little faltering, his sister and his nephew. The scene took place in the middle of the morning, in front of the family house near the beach of Saint-Anne du Porzic.

In the early morning, at sunrise, when I saw Ouessant, I had tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe it“told us the native adventurer of Plougrescant.”I fought from the first to the last day. I knew I was going to get there, but what a relief, what a relief! I am the happiest in the world to have arrived in Brittany.

I didn’t think I could do it“he confided,”the feat is to have arrived in Brittany“. The adventurer tells his relatives that he rationed himself during a good part of the crossing, which was trying. He lost 14 kilos.

When I got to the big coefficients, I rowed, but I was going in reverse! And the carrier currents brought me north, towards Ireland. But I didn’t want to arrive in Ireland or Spain: the idea was to arrive here!“he told his relatives.

Guirec Soudée arrives on the beach of Saint-Anne du Porzic

© Benoit Thibaut FTV

In his mouth, a strong and nevertheless dramatic moment which could have changed the course of his adventure, a capsizing in the passage of a tropical storm.

I was inside my boat, with a tropical storm passing, and I opened a small porthole because I was too hot“he says.

I had my hands on it, in case I turned around. We were at the very beginning of the storm, and then I turned around and saw nothing coming. And there I saw the water coming in, my things scattering. I couldn’t close the porthole, the water was rising, I had no more air, and there I opened the main porthole so that all the water got into the boat.“he continues.

I was able to swim, I came out. The hull was upside down and it didn’t move, it was too heavy I said to myself ho there, how am I going to do?

We know that the rest of the story ended well.

An incredible adventure

Guirec Soudée successfully paddled the North Atlantic after 107 days, alone and without assistance. On Thursday, September 30, he crossed the Créach meridian line off the island of Ouessant at 10:49 am. His performance will end this Friday, October 1 on the Eric Tabarly pontoon in Brest at the end of the morning.

His feat: to swallow more than 5,000 kilometers by force of arms, deprived of weather information, means of communication and rationed in energy almost from start to finish.

In the morning, the navigator from Plougrescant (Côtes d’Armor), will land and deliver the incredible story of a human adventure out of time:
An epic crossing

On July 2, just 15 days after his departure, the navigator found himself caught in a tropical storm, overturning his boat and putting it in great difficulty.

I spent hours upside down trying to straighten my boat, I couldn’t. I ended up succeeding but frankly it was hot.

Guirec Welded

For nearly three months the navigator had to face the marine elements alone on his oceanic one-design 8 m long and 1.6 m wide. A heroic adventure because the sailor was deprived of all his means of communication and navigation.

As he approached the Finistère point, he had to avoid the danger of the very busy roads of the Ouessant rail and of a strong depression last weekend.

But thanks to the solidarity of several fishing boats, he was able to contact his organizing team and finalize his crossing.

Until the end, his journey will have left him little respite.