January 23, 2022

Le Pen accuses Zemmour of serving as a “stepping stone” for Pécresse for the second round

The candidate of the National Rally attacks her far-right rival, whom she accuses of promoting, through her candidacy, the candidate LR.

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Riffifi to the extreme right of the political spectrum. Marine Le Pen affirmed, Wednesday January 12, that his rival Eric Zemmour played the game of the candidate of the right (LR), Valérie Pécresse, in view of the second round of the presidential election. “Does he have the ambition to be in the second round – which I do not believe – or does he actually serve as a stepping stone to allow Valérie Pécresse to be in the second round to the place of Marine Le Pen? “, launched the candidate of the National Rally on BFMTV and RMC.

“If Eric Zemmour is there to help Valérie Pécresse win, then he has to admit it. Valérie Pécresse is his majority shareholder”, added Marine Le Pen, who said Sunday to prefer “debate with the boss (Valérie Pécresse), rather than with the underlings” like Eric Zemmour. “There is a sincerity issue behind this candidacy”, according to candidate RN, with reference to comments made by her competitor on C8 on December 16, about the 500 sponsorships necessary for a presidential candidacy.

Eric Zemmour estimated that “if the LRs do this tactical stupidity” to prevent their elected officials from sponsoring it, “Madame Le Pen will be at 25% and Madame Pécresse will not be in the second round”. Should the Republicans party encourage sponsorship in its favor? “If they (The Republicans) were tactically smart, this is what they would do”, added the former columnist. Since then, Marine Le Pen has accused the LR candidate of letting elected officials from her camp sponsor Eric Zemmour to divide the far right.

Marine Le Pen and Valérie Pécresse, credited with 16 to 17% of the voting intentions according to recent polls, are fighting for second place in the first round, behind Emmanuel Macron and ahead of Eric Zemmour, who fell around 12-13%. On the side of Valérie Pécresse, her communications director, Geoffroy Didier, said on Sunday that the LR mayors who would give their sponsorship to Eric Zemmour “exclude themselves” of the party but that they remained “free to choose” and that’“no instructions (was) given”.