January 26, 2022

Laurent Maistret has already responded to the accusations

LAURENT KOH LANTA. While the production of Koh Lanta has decided not to declare a winner, this Tuesday, for its 2021 season, Laurent Maistret, who is one of the candidates accused of cheating, has already responded to the suspicions in an interview with TV Mag a few years ago. days…

It’s done ! As Le Parisien announced at the end of the day this Tuesday, December 14, the production of Koh Lanta: The Legend has decided not to declare a winner at the end of the long weeks of competition in Polynesia. The reason: certain candidates of this season “All Stars” 2021 transgressed the “code of honor” of the game by illegally procuring food in full competition. While the finalists Laurent Maistret and Claude Dartois, as well as all the candidates, met in the studio for the grand final, chatting for long minutes on this exceptional season and the 20 years of Koh Lanta, Denis Brogniart announced in the very last minutes of the program that the count, supposed to designate a winner, would not take place. If he clearly mentioned a breach of the rules, the historical presenter of Koh Lanta did not reveal the names of the cheaters, leaving the group in front of him and the viewers in palpable embarrassment before returning the antenna.

Finalist of Koh Lanta: The Legend and even winner of the pole test against Ugo and Claude in the episode broadcast this Tuesday, Laurent Maistret will therefore not be able to take full advantage of his journey in the adventure game, he who makes part of the candidates accused of cheating. The Parisian revealed a week ago in fact that at least four adventurers had participated in clandestine dinners on the island of advice during the filming. Neither the newspaper, nor the investigation opened by the production and which resulted in the cancellation of the final count, will have mentioned Laurent among the potential beneficiaries of these dinners, but his name will nevertheless return regularly in the media in the days to come. that follow.

Laurent Maistret was explicitly mentioned in another article in Le Parisien, this Tuesday, December 14, in particular. Only a few hours before the broadcast of the final, the daily assured in this new investigation that it was able to consult a snapshot of a clandestine dinner by several candidates from Koh Lanta, taken by one of the two hosts who welcomed them. On the photo: “the winner of the 2014 edition (Laurent Maistret – Editor’s note) seated in front of well-stocked plates outside a bungalow, in the company of Claude and two other cheating comrades. The fifth unofficial participant having already been eliminated, “the newspaper wrote.

In an interview with TV Mag last Thursday, Laurent Maistret returned to the accusations of cheating to which he was already the subject at the end of the Koh Lanta season. “It makes me laugh when I see all these rumors saying that I cheated by eating outside the game because I was the one who lost the most weight and I felt it”, he had only blurted out on this subject. “It wasn’t that I liked to see myself like this, but I had never seen myself so traced.”

However, on the set of the Koh Lanta final this Tuesday evening, there will be no formal denial on his part. Cheating will also never be mentioned during the two hours and thirty minutes of broadcast, if not at the very end, Denis Brogniart and all the candidates doing until the end as if nothing had happened. . “Laurent Maistret and Claude Dartois […], remained united in the negation of their multiple cunning “, wrote Le Parisien, describing the atmosphere behind the scenes of this final, in yet another article published late in the evening. An atmosphere marked by” a lot of bitterness, a lot of resentment too “.

Blackmail, blunder on Instagram … a demonetized finalist

Denial or not, Laurent Maistret will have been totally demonetized before this Koh Lanta final. This Tuesday afternoon, the finalist was the subject of another revelation from the Parisian which ensured that in addition to the cheating scandal, the production had to face threats of strike in Polynesia. During a test of comfort won during the competition, Laurent and Claude would indeed have blackmailed and threatened to stop their participation if they did not get additional food. Pains au chocolat would then have been given to them to calm things down …

The twists and turns on the Koh Lanta final will have been numerous throughout the day of December 14. And a blunder by Laurent Maistret himself came to complete this long series of revelations. The candidate posted on his Instagram account a video filmed in the TF1 studios this very Tuesday, to promote a pair of sneakers selected for the occasion. In the background but not on the screen, a voice, that of Claude, in the middle of a discussion. And the content of the conversation with another candidate focused precisely on the cheating that enamelled this season of Koh Lanta: The Legend. “It’s everyone’s fault. That’s what people didn’t understand. It’s everyone’s fault: the candidates, the production, everyone. Everyone at their level screwed up. shit “, we hear from Claude in the document quickly modified by Laurent on the social network. What further reinforce the suspicions.

Who is Laurent Maistret? Biography

Laurent Maistret is a model, dancer, and television host who has stood out as a candidate in several TV programs. It is especially for his participations in Koh Lanta that he is known. After making his debut in the 2011 season, he won the “New Edition” season in 2014. He participated for the third time in Koh Lanta, “La Légende” season in 2021, where he was a finalist. He also emerged victorious from Dancing with the Stars in 2016.

Laurent Maistret in Koh Lanta

Laurent Maistret stood out as an emblematic candidate for Koh Lanta. He participated for the first time in the survival game of TF1 in 2011. After his defeat, he returned to the show in 2014 and ended up winning the show. In total, Laurent has participated three times in Koh Lanta, his last participant being during the season “The Legend” broadcast in 2021. On this occasion, he is the subject of accusations of cheating, like other candidates. He is notably accused of having participated in clandestine dinners at the end of the councils.

Is Laurent Maistret in a relationship?

Many rumors concerning the life of Laurent Maistret as a couple have circulated. Recently, the celebrity press lent him a relationship with Denitsa Ikonomova, dancer then sworn to Dance with the stars, which the person has denied. We do not know of other relations with Laurent Maistret, the candidate of Koh Lanta being very discreet on this subject. However, he revealed on TF1 to be the father of a little boy.

Laurent Maistret winner of Dance with the stars

In 2016, Laurent Maistret participated in season 7 of Dance with the stars. He is in a relationship (on the dancefloor) with Denitsa Ikonomova. At the end of the final, Laurent Maistret is crowned winner of the dance competition, offering his partner a new victory after the one she won with Rayane Bensetti.