January 26, 2022

“Laurent Koscielny will not end the season with us”

By Vincent Romain

The president of the Girondins, Gérard Lopez, confirms to “Sud Ouest” that discussions have started to negotiate the departure from this month of January of Laurent Koscielny, defender and captain of the team

In an exclusive interview granted to “South West” to find here, the president and owner of the Girondins, Gérard Lopez, evokes in particular the case of Laurent Koscielny, whom the club wishes to see leave in January. Negotiations have started.

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Exclusively for “South West”, the president of the Girondins, Gérard Lopez, reacts to the club’s results crisis, explains the management of the workforce and slaps his fist on the table. He promises changes for the second half of the season

“This is a decision taken for reasons of strategic orientation. We would like a second part of the season with a slightly different dynamic, so with changes, but also to prepare for next season. So increase the responsibilities of other players. It is not for economic reasons since he has a contract, it will not earn us anything. It will be done in good understanding, with respect for the player and his contract, ”explains Gérard Lopez.

The 36-year-old center-back and team captain is on contract until next June, with two more optional years he can activate himself, and the biggest salary in the squad.

“We do not attack the player or the person”

The Spanish-Luxembourgish businessman affirms that the reflection on this subject “does not date from yesterday” and that the decision “has just been brought forward”. “We do not attack the player or the person. But it is known that Laurent will not finish the season with us and that he will leave the club in January. I think he can still play soccer so if we can help him play again he will leave as a player. He has this right to retrain too, perhaps later. There is a range of possibilities, they are all on the table. “

In the meantime, the former Arsenal player is still training with the professional group and remains at the disposal of coach Vladimir Petkovic, even if one can hardly imagine him on the field on Sunday (1 p.m.) in Rennes .

During this interview, Gérard Lopez evokes the rest of the workforce (Baysse and Zerkane sidelined, the players pushed towards the exit), the case of coach Vladimir Petkovic, management, the transfer window, finances, and the away from Patrice Lair, the coach of the women’s team.