May 22, 2022

Laporta makes several lunar revelations after the Mercato

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It was at the end of the morning that Joan Laporta arrived at a press conference to give details of Bartomeu’s management, which contributed to putting FC Barcelona at risk before his arrival in early 2021. Accompanied in particular by a criminal lawyer business, Laporta made some major announcements the day after the winter transfer window closed.

“Our board now knows the situation we had in March. We did an investigation for this and very dubious transactions were detected. They have been investigated. An agency investigated and saw unwarranted, disproportionate payments, he said. We warned the justice of all its elements to defend the interests of the club. We do it because the socios have the right to know what they did when they ran the club. We don’t want to be complicit in that. The Barca president didn’t hesitate to say more about the maneuvers used by his predecessor in terms of dubious commissions and transfers.

“We imagined a bad economic situation but it exceeded all our understandings, he continued. There are payments without cause, disproportionate… Sham contracts… The prosecution will determine who is guilty, we want the facts to be clarified. There was a recurring modus operandi to avoid internal controls. They put the club in debt without going through the General Assembly. We are talking about millions of euros, completely off-market commissions, it is inexplicable. »

to summarize

Present at a press conference at the end of the morning at FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta wanted to provide important details about the files that have polluted the Catalan club in recent years with Josep Maria Bartomeu.