July 1, 2022

Lana Wachowski sets the record straight on new trilogy rumors

After Matrix Revolutions, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus are back in Matrix 4, leaving hope (or fear) of a new Lana Wachowski trilogy.

More than 20 years later branded film enthusiasts with the first Matrix, the starting point of a cult science fiction trilogy completed by Reloaded and Revolutions in 2003 – and even a whole extended universe Matrix -, spectators will be able to dive back into the Matrix with Keanu Reeves during the Matrix Resurrections. This fourth part risks dividing the public and igniting the debates again (and that’s good).

The very particular universe of Wachowski will however do without one of the directors since Lana Wachowski is ironed alone behind the camera, her sister Lilly not wishing to take back something that she considered completed for a long time. And since a franchise or saga is rarely relaunched to stop at just one new movie, it didn’t take long for the rumors to speak of a new trilogy in development, which the filmmaker recently clarified.

At the premiere of Matrix 4 in San Francisco, a journalist fromAP Entertainment took to the red carpet to ask Lana Wachowski whether or not her latest film was being thought of as the first installment in a new trilogy. After the astonishment, the main interested party simply answered: “My producers are there. No“, before presumably giving up the journalist’s company.

Obviously, the secrecy surrounding certain big Hollywood franchises often obliges the actors, producers or directors to play the card of the language of wood or the untruths (there immediately one thinks of course of Spider-Man : No Way Home). However, the director also returned to the motivations that pushed her to bring Neo, Trinity and Morpheus back to the big screen:

Keanu Reeves dans Matrix Resurrections

For 18 years, I told everyone I won’t do a Matrix movie again, Lilly too. And then a tragedy happened in my life, my parents passed away and I needed something to help me mourn. And making up a story where two people come back to life was heartwarming and it healed me. I had no judgment, I just wrote it down and didn’t even know what to do with it, then had this woman read part of the story right there. [ndlr : probablement Carrie-Anne Moss], and she said ‘Oh my god you have to tell this story’. “

If nothing indicates that the producers in question will not end up insisting on the development of a new trilogy, especially in the event of critical and financial success, Lana Wachowski appears sincere in her approach and her desire not to plunge back into a suite of films. Matrix 4 arrives in French theaters from this December 22 and could therefore be the final part of the franchise.