July 2, 2022

L1: Amazon’s first observation – football

Main broadcaster of Ligue 1 until 2024, Amazon says it is satisfied with its first steps in football in France. The boss of Prime Vido Europe, Alex Green, justified the chosen pricing policy and intends to see as far as possible.

Thierry Henry, Amazon headliner for Ligue 1.

Amazon found the loophole and did not hesitate to rush into it. After the Mediapro fiasco, the American company scent the right vein in recovering the rights of Ligue 1 until June 2024. A success so far.

Between its cast of high-level consultants, with Thierry Henry at the head of the gondola, and the spectacle offered on the lawns, French football lovers get their money’s worth.

A price justified by Amazon

In any case, that’s what Alex Green thinks. The boss of Prime Vido Europe believes that the web glove is on the right track. At Amazon, we do not communicate the number of our subscribers. But I can tell you that we are happy where we are. We have good audiences. We have over a million people watching the biggest games. We have had several meetings over a million. It’s good for us and for French football , explained the businessman in an interview with L’Equipe.

The latter justified the pricing policy of Amazon, which charges 12.99 euros for its Ligue 1 Pass (in addition to the 5.99 euros for the Prime subscription). It’s a fair price, even for those who were not already Prime members, since it stays below 20 euros. Most pay TV is above. When you see what to pay for other domestic leagues, elsewhere in Europe, we have a good price and good access for L1 , welcomed the boss of sports at Amazon.

Amazon believes in the potential of L1

According to Green, Amazon does not regret a single second of having put on the French championship. Ligue 1 has a great opportunity to grow, the quality of this football is good and believe me I watch a lot of football. We hope that the big players will stay in France. But this league has a great future and we want to be part of this story , continued the American investor.

To stay there beyond 2024? We have to see what will happen, with the different options that will be on the rights market. We look at everything, everywhere, to find the best potential for our consumers. Today, we are happy with this offer. Yes, this is a good deal. Now we want to provide a good service, that people be happy, subscribe and then we’ll see … , ended Green. For the moment, Amazon is responding now. And that’s the main thing after a last chaotic season.

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