January 26, 2022

“Koh-Lanta: The Legend”: what we know about cheating before the final

KOH-LANTA – A season like no other. The anniversary edition of Koh Lanta this year brought together 20 former leading candidates for the show, including Claude, Laurent or Ugo, in French Polynesia. But it seems that several of the adventurers this year have broken one of the basic rules of Koh Lanta: deprivation of food.

Throughout the start of the season, the adventurers of Koh Lanta a spectacular battle fought in the trials. Six of them even broke a record in the “lazy” test. On the camps and in the strategies, the candidates were not left out: the season was full of twists and turns. Like the girls’ strategy, initiated by Coumba, but fell through when the mixed teams were created. But this year it is not the strategies of the candidates that raise the suspense of the final on Tuesday, December 14.

Definitive elimination of Teheiura

Indeed, the adventure took another turn in the 11th episode, when viewers discovered the disqualification of Teheiura, the show’s cult candidate. In a six-minute sequence broadcast at the end of the show, fans learned that the latter had repeatedly asked for help from locals to eat, which is prohibited by the regulations.

But according to information from Parisian, the Polynesian is not the only one to have benefited from the help of the locals. Claude and Sam would also have benefited from the supplies, but the two friends were not worried. In fact, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the producer of Koh Lanta, explained on the set of TPMP, having sanctioned “the one who organized this cheating and not those who shared”, for lack of certainty on the names of the other protagonists.

“I ate twice. The temptation was too strong ”, recognized Teheiura in front of Denis Brogniart. “I’m not even looking for excuses. (…) I failed in a rule that I accepted. That’s why it will weigh on me all my life ”. The adventurer therefore left the island of the banished and went directly to the residence of the final jury. He will vote for this season’s winner.

Clandestine dinners

The cheating affair could have ended there. But on Monday, December 6, The Parisian made new revelations: four or even five other candidates would also have cheated during this season and would have fed away from the cameras.

The cheating would have taken place during “nocturnal expeditions”, while the adventurers were accommodated on the island of Tahaa, the evenings of advice. The cheaters were said to have managed to escape the surveillance of the guards and went to locals for dinner. On the spot, they would have eaten “sugar, salt” and drank “energy drinks galore”, reveals the daily.

The show’s production said they were aware of this new twist. An investigation is underway, both within the cast of the show and among the locals, in order to gather the necessary information on this affair. Wednesday, December 8, in a press release, Adventure Line Production (ALP) indicated, however, that all the adventurers questioned “refute the accusations”.

A compromising photo

Suspicions of cheating continued to plague the anniversary season of Koh Lanta ce weekend. TV magazine Le Figaro revealed this Saturday, December 11 that the adventurers suspected of having taken part in these “clandestine diners” would have had their picture taken. According to the site, this shot was taken with full knowledge of the facts. It is even one of the candidates who would have asked for it to remember. But it seems that the photo has landed on the table of ALP, which would therefore know the identity of the candidates who broke the rules of the game.

Claude and Laurent are suspected of having participated in these forbidden dinners, but deny the cheating. “I will not answer this vendetta against me”, declared Claude, never winner of the adventure, but holding the record for the number of individual victories, to Public. Laurent assured him in an interview TV magazine that he had lost 10 kilos during the show. “It makes me laugh when I see all these rumors saying that I cheated by eating outside the game because I was the one who lost the most weight and I felt it well”, he underlined. .

Coumba also defended herself by asserting on Cyril Hanouna’s set that she did not take part in these meals: “I did not eat! (…) I was the first to get out of reunification, how do you want me to eat? ”.

An ALP employee contacted by The Parisian on the other hand assured that Ugo, first eliminated from the game, returned from the island of the banished by two times and third finalist, would be the only one never to have taken by with these cheating, because “nobody proposed to him”.

The production did not wish to comment on this latest rebound, but clarified that the culprits would be penalized. While the final of the game, which takes place this Tuesday, December 14, must decide between Claude, Laurent and Ugo, the question arises as to whether one of them will be deprived of the 100,000 euros promised. In any case, this is what the production of Koh Lanta, who before making an announcement verifies that it is possible not to designate a winner or not to pay the sum due, the candidates being bound by an employment contract.

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