January 25, 2022

Kamara skips the press conference! Tensions with management?

Author of a mediocre performance Thursday against Galatasaray, Boubacar Kamara was expected at a press conference this Friday. Finally, it was Jorge Sampaoli who started this traditional meeting, but later the club’s press officer explained that the player would not come …

The midfielder, who was captain in the Europa League on Thursday night against Galatasaray, may not have wanted to confront questions about his possible contract extension. Indeed, the child will be free in June 2022 date of the end of his contract. Italian media insist Kamara has reportedly refused to extend and would like to sign with Milan. The player did not want to speak at a press conference, which is regrettable… Journalist Mathieu Grégoire confirms the tensions between the two parties around this extension: “the arduous negotiations on his contract extension are creating some tensions around his speech… ”

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Longoria on Kamara extension last summer

At a press conference last June, Pablo Longoria spoke on this subject. He had in any case put the club at the heart of his concerns, affirming that OM were above everything and that no player should forget this hierarchy of the institution.

“It’s a complicated question. Having elements at the end of the contract is an unpleasant situation, especially when it is a player from the training center. Many European clubs find themselves making contract extensions. I don’t like having a player at the end of the contract in my squad, that’s a reality. This is the signal the club must give, there is no one above the institution. ” Pablo Longoria – Source: Press conference (07/26/2021)