June 30, 2022

Julien Doré, Hoshi, Grand Corps Malade… They “go into politics” to bypass the gauges and the end of standing concerts

In the evening following the announcement of the limitation to 2,000 people of indoor events, with the exception of political meetings, artists react by transforming their concerts into political meetings

At the end of the Health Defense Council, the Prime Minister announced new measures to fight against Covid-19. A feeling of déjà vu for the performing arts, because the head of government has declared the return of the gauges for large gatherings: 2,000 people inside, 5,000 outside. The other measure that makes people cringe, the ban on standing concerts.

On the evening of Monday, December 27, several artists “went into politics” to disguise their concerts as meetings in order to circumvent all these restrictions. These two measures will come into force Monday, and “for a period of three weeks” at all public events, except political rallies.

An anthology of candidates

This distinction provoked many reactions. First to announce his candidacy for the presidential election, Eddy de Pretto. “I present myself as President of the Republic,” he wrote in capital letters on Twitter. Then, the songwriter published the date of his next “meetings”, that is to say his next concerts in France.

Same tone on the side of Julien Doré. On Instagram, the singer, with a photo raised eyebrow and cautious attitude, also announces the date of his next “meetings”. A photo taken on Twitter, overlooking the new protocol: “Gauges for gatherings: the measures announced do not apply for political meetings”, accompanied by an emoji representing a clown.

Politicians responded to the singer, including the spokesperson for La République en Marche, Prisca Thévenot, invoking the famous “constitutional rules”. Grand Corps Malade has also followed this trend. “All my meetings are maintained,” he announces.

Earlier in the evening, Hoshi expressed his dismay over the ban on standing concerts. By hijacking the official photo of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, Hoshi is ironic about these new restrictions.

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