May 24, 2022

Journalist Anna Cabana explains after leading a debate on Blanquer, her husband

MEDIA – “I did my job as a journalist honestly.” Under fire from critics for having hosted a debate on Jean-Michel Blanquer’s vacation in Ibiza on Tuesday, January 18, journalist Anna Cabana, who is also the wife of the Minister of Education, wanted to defend herself in The Parisian.

“I host a current affairs program. It would have been surreal not to talk about the political crisis of the day, she replies in the daily. If I hadn’t, I would have been blamed for it.” It must be said that the Minister’s vacation was the unavoidable subject of the day on Tuesday.

Back to the facts. On the eve of the start of the new school year in January, Jean-Michel Blanquer detailed the new screening protocol in schools via an interview published at the end of the afternoon in the same regional daily. The fact that the article appeared only a few hours before the start of the school year did not go down well with parents and teachers, who did not have time to prepare.

However, Mediapart revealed on Monday evening January 17 that the interview had been carried out by telephone because the minister was … in Ibiza, the Spanish Balearic island known for its alcoholic parties at certain times of the year. A revelation which led the Minister of Education, already weakened for his management of the crisis in schools, to concede that he should have listened to his communication teams and chosen another destination for his New Year’s vacation.

Ethics questions

The i24News television channel has in fact addressed this subject in the form of a debate, entitled “Jean-Michel Blanquer, at the heart of the storm”. For about ten minutes, the writer and editorialist Abnousse Shalmani and David Revault d’Allonnes, editor-in-chief at the political service of the Sunday newspaper, and the vice-president of Havas, Stéphane Fouks, faced each other. And as moderator and presenter, Anna Cabana, the minister’s companion in turmoil.

Several journalists and Internet users have criticized this debate, denouncing an attack on ethics. “No, it’s not a fake. (…) It is … beyond words”, for example tweeted the journalist from Mediapart Matthieu Suc. “It’s not a montage”, added Sylvain Chazot of Release.

“I can’t pay the bill every day”

“This relationship has been public for two years. And I’ve already paid the full price! Type my name on the Internet, it’s everywhere. It’s even written on my Wikipedia page! Today, everyone knows that I am the companion of Jean-Michel Blanquer. I cannot pay the bill for it every day”, she underlines in The Parisian, when she had already had to leave the antenna of BFMTV where she officiated as an editorialist since 2013.

The journalist also says she is “struck by this controversy”: “I just want to be judged on my work. If I screw up when I do my job, kill me. But I cannot account for this kind of controversy.”

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