July 7, 2022

Jean-Pierre Pernaut Minister of Dupont-Aignan? He has “other concerns at the moment”

POLITICS – A door “not completely closed”, but… Nicolas Dupont-Aignan was interviewed as part of the sequence “If I were president” at 1 p.m. on France 2, Sunday January 23. On this occasion, the candidate of Debout la France spoke about the projects he would launch if he were elected next May. School reform, the fight against medical deserts, immigration control… He also indicated which personality he would like to bring into his government.

“While the rural world is abandoned in France, I will appoint Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Minister of Regional Planning”, launched very sure of himself Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Because, according to him, the former star presenter of TF1 would be able to “bring the French together”.

The person concerned, who stands “withdrawn from political news” and had not followed the sequence, bursts out laughing when The Parisian bring him the news. “Me, minister? I have passed the age. I let people who are competent enough to take care of that”, he explains before qualifying however: “I do not completely close the door. We never close the door”.

It must be said that the former presenter has “other worries for the moment”, as he points out: cured of a first lung cancer last summer, he announced in November to fight again against the disease . After the end-of-year celebrations, he passed new control analyses: “Everything is fine, he assures the Parisian. The exams are in progress. We cross fingers”. U.S. too.

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