January 26, 2022

Italy makes it compulsory to wear a mask outside

Parties and events are also prohibited until the end of January, even outdoors, thus canceling all concerts that are usually held in Italy for the New Year.

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The Italian government decided on Thursday 23 December to make it compulsory to wear a mask outside throughout Italy, Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced after a cabinet meeting. He did not say from what date this measure would be applied, but added that the mask providing superior protection, the FFP2, would become compulsory for going to the cinema, the theater, sporting events or on public transport. , buses, coaches, planes or ships.

“It’s a difficult phase” that the country is going through in the face of the outbreak of contaminations due to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, acknowledged Roberto Speranza, assuring that the new measures “can create stronger protection for our population and our health system”. The government has also decided to reduce from February 1, 2022 the duration of the health pass from nine to six months and to further reduce the time to receive the booster dose. Established initially at six months, it has already been reduced to five months and should now increase to four. In terms of restrictions, in addition to the obligation to wear a mask, parties and events involving the participation of many people are prohibited until the end of January, even outside, thus canceling all the concerts that are generally held in Italy for New Year’s Eve. An. Nightclubs and other venues of this kind will also remain closed until January 31st.

Faced with the progression of the Omicron variant, announcements of new health measures have followed one another in recent days in Europe. On Wednesday, the Spanish government also decided to make it compulsory to wear a mask outside. In Belgium, cinemas and other theaters will close as of Sunday, December 26, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo in turn announced.