July 1, 2022

“It is shameful !” : Annoyed, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan has a CNews banner withdrawn live

He has the banner removed from the info channel. In its columns this Tuesday, “Liberation” reveals that Nicolas Dupont-Aignan would have circulated the virus while he was in contact and had refused to isolate himself. If he had contacted his wife for several days, he would have continued to travel within his political party and those close to him without warning them. Developing symptoms of the disease, he tested positive on Thursday, December 9, according to the left-wing daily, the day after a meeting of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee. And that same day, he was questioned on Radio Courtoisie. He subsequently isolated himself.

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“It is not possible to see that!”

Invited this morning in duplex in “The hour of the pros” on CNews, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan denied having circulated the virus and assured to be isolated as soon as he learned that his wife was positive. He also attacked an editorial choice of the news channel, his banner on which was written: “NDA accused of concealing his state of health“. “Excuse me Pascal Praud, I see the blindfold! I have proof that this is not true! I ask that we do not put this headband! It is shameful ! You realize ?!“, demanded, annoyed, the sovereignist deputy.

Embarrassed, Pascal Praud replied: “No, but you are accused by ‘Liberation’. That’s why … I … I … And by members of your entourage!“. “Whether it’s ‘Liberation’ or another … I’ll send you the test! You publish it on the air! But it’s not possible to see this“, got annoyed Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. For its part, CNews has chosen to comply with the demands of the politician.”Well here we are, we remove it! Like that…“, said the presenter.

“It’s terrible anyway!”

Understand, Pascal Praud! If I was doing a show and I put you something that accuses you of a low-level, false rumor, by the time justice says it, it will be over. Everyone will have forgotten! It’s terrible anyway“, continued the member of Debout France, who announced to file a complaint against” Liberation “for” defamation “. puremedias.com offers you to watch the sequence.