May 24, 2022

“It is impossible to play on the margin”, say the owner-operators of gas stations

Diesel oil reached a record price of more than 1.60 euros per liter for the first time, according to official figures published on Monday. The operators ensure that they make 1 to 2 net centimes maximum margin on a liter.

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Fuel prices hit a record high in France last week, with diesel exceeding 1.60 euros per liter for the first time. The previous peak took place in October 2018, before the start of the “yellow vests” movement: the liter was then at 1.5331 euros. “Our net margins are around one to two cents per liter sold”, assures Tuesday January 18 on franceinfo Francis Pousse, national president of the owners-operators of service stations at the CNPA (National Council of the Professions of the Automobile). “At a time when our service station operators are suffering, especially those in rural areas, it is obviously impossible to play on the margins. Today, a station operator lives more from its ancillary activities than from fuel.”

“The two main components of the tariff are the price of oil and taxes, I remind you that we are among the five most taxed countries in Europe”, develops Francis Pousse. “It’s a political will.”

“The only way to lower the price would be to lower the TICPE, the internal tax on the consumption of energy products, but obviously that affects the state budget.”

Francis Pousse, President of Gas Station Owner-Operators.

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Francis Pousse is well aware that“we will have to pay elsewhere what it will cost. If we lower the tax by ten cents, we estimate the cost at four billion euros. The last time the State compensated thanks to the aid of 100 euros. But if the fuel continues to increase, it may be necessary to come to it because it will become unsustainable.