July 7, 2022

Infected then vaccinated with two doses, why does my vaccination pass show an end date?

Several million French people initially received a single dose of the vaccine. The reason ? They were contaminated before or just after this first injection. Those among them who have received their booster dose now have a complete vaccination schedule, entitling them to the vaccination pass. This came into force on Monday, replacing the health pass.

Except that their pass may display an end date 7 months after the last injection, suggesting that they will need a second reminder by then. Several witnesses have sent us their questions on this subject.

Contacted, the Directorate General of Health confirms this observation. This “is linked to the fact that this (booster) injection cannot be technically decorrelated from a complete initial two-dose cycle. Clearly, the second dose received by these French people who have been infected is not understood to be a booster dose, and it is displayed 2/2 in the Tous Anti Covid application. The system therefore understands that a third dose of vaccine will be necessary within seven months, and this period will even be reduced to four months from February 15.

New certificate to download

Don’t worry though, a solution is planned. From February 1, if you are still concerned, you will need to go to the social security site to download a new certificate in 2/1 format. “Without this new certificate, the second dose will not be considered a booster dose and will expire after 7 months after the date of injection”, indicates the General Directorate of Health.

If you have told the healthcare professional that you have been infected in the past on the day you were vaccinated, everything will work automatically. Otherwise, you will not be able to retrieve a new certificate in 2/2 format. The General Directorate of Health then recommends that you “contact a vaccination center, a health professional or Health Insurance to request a certificate in 2/1 on February 1”. But you will still need to have proof that you have tested positive.

Otherwise, you will have no choice but to receive a third dose at least three months after the second. But don’t worry: you won’t risk anything for your health. Many French people have also received three doses while having been infected… but asymptomatic, and without having tested positive.