July 7, 2022

“Inadmissible”, “totally disproportionate”, the sanctions against Paris FC and Olympique Lyonnais seen as an injustice by the supporters

Following the violence committed on December 17 at the Charléty Stadium, Olympique Lyonnais and Paris FC are excluded from the Coupe de France. An injustice for the supporters who consider that they are paying again for a few isolated individuals.

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The ax fell after ten days of investigation and passing of arms: the meeting interrupted on December 17 at the Charléty Stadium will not be replayed. That day, fights and throws of smoke broke out in the stands at half-time and the match was definitively interrupted. So to mark the occasion, the French Football Federation struck very hard Monday, December 27 in the disciplinary committee: in addition to being excluded from the Coupe de France, the two clubs receive heavy penalties.

Paris FC, 3rd in Ligue 2, will have to play their next five games away from Stade Charléty. Jules, supporter of the club, consider that these completely unfair sanctions will not stop the violence. “We see that the FFF wanted to hit hard, but once again these are the bad decisions, as since the start of the season !“, he indignantly.” They only apply collective sanctions when it is necessary to apply individual sanctions.”

“We come to the stadium to support our team: we have to sanction those who come to the stadium to break everything. Paris FC is in a great dynamic and we will be deprived of following our team because of a few individuals.”

Jules, supporter of Paris FC

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On the Lyon side, the penalties are heavier: among other things, a ban on supporters traveling outside until the end of the season. Mike was present in the Lyon parking lot during PFC-Lyon. For him these sanctions are deserved but disproportionate compared to other clashes between supporters. “This is totally unacceptable! For the Nice-Marseille match, there were players attacked by supporters and when we see that in return there was only one point withdrawn and the match to be replayed, it is totally disproportionate!

For him, Lyon “serves as an example“for the FFF:”There we have some hooligans who take the club hostage because the players and the supporters are punished because of them“Some Lyon hooligans have also been identified and excluded from the stands for a period of 18 months.


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