July 1, 2022

In the case of Kheira Hamraoui, the PSG footballer attacked, an agent in an offside position

A catastrophic match to end a tormented week. Sunday, November 14, the players of Paris-Saint-Germain, reigning French champions, bowed very heavily in Lyon (6-1), in what was to be the shock of the women’s D1 championship. But could it only be otherwise, while the PSG, bogged down for several days in the “ Hamraoui affair », Was deprived of two of its flagship circles?

“Sonia is in the midst of a conflict of interest. She supports Aminata off, but does not speak to the press to defend her. A close friend of Aminata Diallo

The French internationals Kheira Hamraoui and Aminata Diallo both figure at the heart of an intriguing news item, which saw the first be the target of a violent attack on the evening of November 4, under the eyes of the second. Judicial information was opened by the Versailles prosecutor’s office on Monday, November 15, for ” conspiracy “ and “Aggravated violence”, and the investigations entrusted to the brigade for the repression of banditry.

On November 11, when Aminata Diallo was released after 36 hours in police custody, during which investigators tried to find out if she had played a role in the assault on her friend and teammate at PSG, she received a call from Sonia Souid, her agent, in tears. A phone call from which nothing has filtered, followed by a total silence with regard to the media, which testifies to a malaise. The young agent, who lives between France and Spain, is also the representative… of Kheira Hamraoui. “Sonia is in the midst of a conflict of interest, confides a relative of Diallo. She supports Aminata off, but does not speak to the press to defend her. “

As the trail of a sporting rivalry recedes and the scenario of a revenge linked to the relations between Kheira Hamraoui and the former French international Eric Abidal emerges, the agent’s reserve annoys the entourage of ‘Aminata Diallo. His lawyer, Mourad Battikh, acknowledges that “Will ask the question of how Paris-Saint-Germain, the France team, the sponsors will react to all that”. The expected signing of Diallo’s contract extension in Paris is “Postponed for a few months”, and Souid is playing big. “Sonia is completely overwhelmed”, concludes a close friend of the players.

Beautiful enmities

Alternately volleyball player, medical student, Miss Auvergne, then real estate business provider – the list is not complete – Sonia Souid, 36, has been an agent since the early 2010s. A rarity in this readily misogynistic environment. His first steps in the profession were sometimes delicate. The young woman, whose father worked in football as a physical trainer, often tells the same story to journalists: when she started out, when she met leaders, some gave her so little credit that they suspected a hidden camera.

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