January 26, 2022

In “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, this scene will thrill fans with delight – SPOILERS

SPIDERMAN – After Homecoming and Far from Home,Spider-Man: No Way Home, the new film of the saga keeps all its promises. The feature film directed by Jon Watts is released this Wednesday, December 15 at the cinema. We find Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man, but also of course MJ (Michelle Jones), played by Zendaya and Jacob Batalon in Ned Leeds.

Spider-Man was left unmasked in the 2019 movie, Spider-Man: Far from Home, as a fallen superhero, accused of being the murderer of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Fans have been eagerly awaiting the new installment ever since. And for many long months, many hypotheses were asked and many questions remained unanswered.

Spider-Man: No Way Home could therefore satisfy the expectations of some. But beware, if you have not yet seen the film and prefer to keep the surprise of the plot and the ending, we advise you to stop reading there. Because what follows below contains revelations that could spoil your fun.


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Will they be back?

After the message Mysterio left before he died, everyone knows the identity of Spider-Man: Peter Parker. The latter finds himself assailed from all sides. The revelation of his true identity threatens his future, but also that of his friends, MJ and Ned. The three friends want to enter MIT after high school, but are refused a place in the prestigious university because of the controversy.

Peter Parker therefore wants to go back in time and make everyone forget that he is Spider-Man, in order to hope to integrate MIT with MJ and Ned. But nothing goes as planned. Because after having asked Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to formulate a spell to erase memories of his true identity, a time rift opens and the parallel worlds of Spider-Man are found mixed up.

Villains from other Spider-Man universes threaten New York. But Peter Parker does not want to send them back to their worlds before returning them to their normal appearance. And for that, he will be assisted by two other heroes, whom the fans have been impatiently awaiting.

Euphoria in the room

MJ and Ned seek out Peter Parker (Tom Holland) after the latter clashes vigorously with Norman Osborn, aka The Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe). A struggle in which May dies in the arms of Spider-Man.

Ned succeeds, thanks to Doctor Strange’s ring which he stole from him a few hours earlier, to open a portal which leads to Spider-Man. The superhero appears, in costume, in a dark New York alley, and walks towards the open portal that leads to the two teenagers. But when he takes off his mask, MJ and Ned discover that he’s not the Peter Parker they were hoping for: Spider-Man is Peter Parker, but Andrew Garfield appears onscreen. Thunderous applause in the screening room we attended. The fans are jubilant.

And if Andrew Garfield is there, Tobey Maguire can’t be far. Let the fans of the superhero rest assured, they will not be disappointed. Tobey Maguire joins the three protagonists a few minutes later, through a new portal opened by Ned, who is still trying to find his friend (Tom Holland). The dark room of the UGC Normandie resonates with applause. The spectators are relieved. The tension falls to give way to silent euphoria. The three Spider-Man are reunited (finally).

The Spider-Man universe in a stunning setting

Obviously, the cast of this Spider-Man is not limited to the three interpreters of the superhero. The old villains of the saga are (almost) all reunited: Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina), The Lizard (Rhys Ifans), the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) are there. All of them are from different Spider-Man universes.

And the Green Goblin, the first villain of the saga, in the film Spider-Man, released in 2002, where Tobey Maguire plays the spider-man, has not lost his vice. Besides being the first, he’s arguably the meanest of Spider-Man foes. It is he who orchestrates the rebellion of the monsters and who causes the death of May, triggering the anger of the superhero in the red costume.

But the actors don’t do all the magic of the film. The special effects and sets of Spider-Man: No Way Home are stunning. Perhaps the best example is the battle between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Walking in a mirror world, Spider-Man tries to escape Stephen Strange. The buildings are turned over, the sky becomes the ground, then the decor takes the form of a kaleidoscope, where the spectator gets lost and takes full eyes.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is also filled with reference to the old Spider-Man, where mistakes from the past serve as lessons for the three heroes. Like Andrew Garfield who had failed to save his beauty fallen into the void in The Amazing Spider-Man: A Hero’s Fate, and who in Spider-Man: No Way Home catches up with MJ in flight.

For fans of the first hour, or for those new to the universe of the Spiderverse, this new Spider-Man meets all expectations, really all.

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