January 25, 2022

In Plogonnec, one dead and two injured in a traffic accident – Quimper

The deformation of the passenger compartment testifies to the violence of the impact. (The Telegram / Olivier Scaglia)

The deformation of the Renault Clio, the only vehicle involved in the accident, suggests the violence of the impact. This Thursday, around 1 p.m., the car was traveling on the D39 in the direction Plogonnec-Quimper when, for some still undetermined reason, at the height of the place called Crenal, in a slight descent and before a curve, it crossed the roadway to come and roll on the opposite bern. According to the first elements gathered on the spot, in its race, the car passed over the Steïr, sinking three to four meters below, before striking the top of the bank opposite, to bounce back while making a sun. . The car finished its race on the roof, on the mast, about fifteen meters away.

Quimper-Plogonnec accident Three victims including one dead Lieu-dit Crenal on the RD39
The Clio crossed the road before entering the opposite bern before jumping over Steïr flowing in the thalweg that can be seen in the left background of the image. (The Telegram / Olivier Scaglia)

Front passenger extricated in vain

The front passenger, a 37-year-old male, died within minutes of the crash. The driver, a 25-year-old man, sustained serious injuries to his leg. The rear passenger was only slightly injured. According to our information, the three victims would be employees of Cadiou Industrie, in Locronan.

The accident allegedly took place without a witness. Discovering the damaged vehicle, it was a motorist who notified the emergency services. Very quickly, around fifteen firefighters were involved in the intervention with the Smur team and the Civil Security helicopter. The attempt to resuscitate the thirty-something that the firefighters managed to extricate, was in vain. Suffering from an open fracture in his leg, the driver was eventually evacuated by land to Quimper hospital, freeing the helicopter and its crew. The rear passenger was also taken to hospital in shock.

Quimper-Plogonnec accident Three victims including one dead Lieu-dit Crenal on the RD39
In its course, the car and its occupants passed over the river to crash into the opposite bank, before bouncing in the sun, about fifteen meters further, on the bern of the D39. (The Telegram / Olivier Scaglia)

Unexplained circumstances

Falling asleep, faintness, inattention, dazzling… The circumstances of the accident remain all the more difficult to understand as no sign of braking punctuates the trajectory of the car, neither on the road nor on the bern.

Traffic on the axis connecting Quimper to Plogonnec was cut between 1:15 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., the time to remove the car after the evacuation of the victims and to let the departmental service teams secure the scene of the accident.

Quimper-Plogonnec accident. Three victims including one dead Lieu-dit Crenal on the RD39
The accident occurred on the Quimper-Plogonnec axis at a place called Crenal, at the geographical limit of the towns of Plogonnec and Quimper. (The Telegram / Olivier Scaglia)