May 22, 2022

in Marseille, “Fabien Roussel is the left-wing Chirac” – Liberation


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Presidential Election 2022dossier

The communist’s campaign, meeting in the city this Sunday, seems invigorated by his divisive statements and his bickering with the rest of the left.

Two guys are sipping coffee at the entrance to the convention center in Marseille. They are enjoying the sunny Sunday. The smallest holds a red flag in his hand; the tallest looks at the slowly gathering crowd. They are happy. This is their first meeting of the campaign. The greatest does not count his words. “Fabien Roussel? It does us good, it does good to the left. The campaign was a little soft and he kicks in the pile. A new bus arrives in the parking lot. He parks near the others.

Communist militants descend. The older one continues: “I did the last two campaigns with Jean-Luc Mélenchon but this time it’s different. We run our campaign with our words and our style. We live again, finally.” The same words keep coming back. The Reds “breathe” better in recent weeks. Fabien Roussel’s candidacy makes the little red hearts (re)beat. “Have you seen it on TV? He talks like us and he talks about us, the little people who only ask to be respected. loose an activist from Bouches-du-Rhône.

“Useful and indispensable” campaign

The Palace of Europe is armored – more than 3,000 heads are shaking. The campaign manager, Ian Brossat, sets the mood with Julia Castanier, communications director for the Communists. A presidential election is a matter of dynamics. The reds are not yet touching the stars, but they are looking the other candidates on the left, in particular the socialist, in the eye – it is appr…