January 23, 2022

in Marseille, Eric Zemmour’s pre-campaign ends badly

Eric Zemmour imagined for a time declaring his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election from Marseille. The ace ! His expedition on Friday, November 26, the final stage of his Tour de France, turned into a fiasco. Informed of the presence of “antifas” waiting for him at Saint-Charles station, the far-right polemicist preferred to descend to Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), 30 km before.

Once at his destination, his stroll in the Phocaean city turned into a brisk walk, barely fifteen minutes, in an empty street in the Panier district, under hostile cries of opponents (“Torch”, “Break up”, “anti-racist Marseille”). Without stopping, he did not interact with any inhabitant. “I was born in Marseille and my name is Mohamed”, launched a quadra over the swarm of cameras. Eric Zemmour felt that he did not have “To answer this gentleman”.

Thus ends this pre-campaign, in the icy wind which beat, Friday, the hill of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde – the archbishopric refused that the polemicist speak in the enclosure of the basilica. “Marseille is the anti-example of France”, said Eric Zemmour below, opposing “This city disintegrated by immigration and partly Islamized” to his ideal of Marseille with the scent of Pagnol. Near La Canebière, 200 to 300 demonstrators protested against his arrival. “He is trying to use this city, badly, to restart a presidential campaign that does not work that well”, declared, at the same time, the socialist mayor, Benoît Payan.

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The hope of the extreme and reactionary right has emerged more lonely than ever. His partner and campaign manager, Sarah Knafo, was absent for the first time, after the scandal magazine revelations Closer about her pregnancy. A single former municipal representative of the National Rally (RN), who had never seen Eric Zemmour, acted as a guide. Without local relays, the former chronicler of Figaro wanted to be positive: “The presidential election is a man with a people. If the people plebiscite this man, he will have support. “

Financial and political difficulties

The formalization of his candidacy should not delay. But this tour on the pretext of signing his latest book ended up boring; its most fervent faithful doubt its ability to take the plunge. “Nothing discourages me, especially not the attacks, the low blows, it makes me want to fight even more”, assured Eric Zemmour. His team promises an electoral rally at the Zenith, on December 5, which “Will shake the walls of Paris”. It is time: for ten days, each trip has turned to rout, from London to Geneva (Switzerland), and the clouds are piling up.

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