January 25, 2022

In Marseille, Eric Zemmour walks on eggshells – Liberation


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Le Pen-Zemmour: the Front race for the Presidential electiondossier

The quasi-candidate’s trip to the Mediterranean city on Friday was more like an escorted walk and a brisk walk than a triumphant visit.

For those who praise the traditions and the France of yesteryear, there is one in Marseille that has been lost over time, but sometimes comes back on occasion: the inhabitants of Le Panier, the historic district of the city, had taken advantage of to throw eggs and their old tomatoes on the little train of tourists passing through their alleys. To express their fed up with these visitors to the zoo, busy eyeing the popular streets. Come to take his first little country walk, outside the rooms crowded with fanatics, the imitation presidential candidate Eric Zemmour – soon declared – was entitled to this ritual reception on Friday.

Skimming the walls in the rise of Accoules, usually used by nomadic strollers, but this time quite empty, the former CNews columnist, visibly lost, tense by this contact with all-new reality, marched at a pace surrounded a swarm of unnecessarily numerous journalists and plainclothes policemen who served as barriers against insults. A group of hooded opponents followed the thing with cries of “Facho, break yourself, anti-racist Marseille”. An oviparous projectile almost hit the group: a small victory for these dangerous leftists, Zemmour technically did not set foot in the “real” Basket, contenting himself to bypass it as far as the Bishop’s Palace, the police station, where a car was waiting to take him away from here.

Ambulation trap

We were expecting a “Kärcher” sequence as Zemmour had promised by bandaging the muscles …