January 25, 2022

in Marseille, Eric Zemmour ends a missed visit with a middle finger

“Thank you for your enthusiasm”, writes Eric Zemmour in an email to his supporters, at 12:42 p.m., by inviting them to view the photos of his trip to Marseille on social networks. This two-day visit, however, went worse than expected, without contact with the population, and ended with an inglorious scene that unfolded in a handful of seconds.

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Around 12:30 p.m., Saturday, November 27, the putative presidential candidate leaves a restaurant around the Intercontinental hotel, in rue Méry, behind the town hall of Marseille.

Accompanied by his partner and campaign manager Sarah Knafo, he gets into the car that will take them to Saint-Charles station to return to Paris. A passerby asks to come closer. The former columnist of the Figaro rolls down the window, and the lady gives him a middle finger. Suddenly, Eric Zemmour returned the favor, adding: “And very deep”, noted the photographer for Agence France-Presse. Sitting next to him on the bench, Sarah Knafo laughs out loud, as the same photographer captures, then the car leaves for the station.

Contacted, the entourage does not confirm the exchange. Olivier Ubeda, responsible for public transport for Eric Zemmour, specifies that “It’s not his style”.

This unfortunate image comes at the end of a heavily heckled trip and a series of blunders, in recent weeks, committed by the far-right contender in the presidential race. Among them, the image of him holding an unloaded sniper rifle and pointing journalists at the Milipol lounge on October 20, or that of November 13 at the Bataclan, the day to commemorate the 2015 attacks, marked the spirits.


In Marseille, the last stage of a Tour de France carried out under the pretext of signing his latest book, the expedition turned into a fiasco. Eric Zemmour first had to get off the train before Marseille, in Aix-en-Provence, because of the presence of “antifas” at Saint-Charles station. His wandering then lasted a handful of minutes, without his interacting with locals.

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The far-right polemicist should formalize his candidacy for the presidential election in the coming days. He is also due to hold a first electoral meeting at the Zénith in Paris on December 5.