July 7, 2022

In Corsica, 20 years in prison for an inmate who attacked two guards

A detainee who had assaulted two guards at Borgo prison, the “Faces of the Republic” for the prosecution, was sentenced on the night of Friday 19 to Saturday 20 November by the Assises of Bastia to twenty years of criminal imprisonment.

The sentence, pronounced after a short deliberation of four hours, has ” satisfied “ the guards, according to their lawyers.

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Morad Akaouch, 32, faced life imprisonment for this attack on January 19, 2018, six months after his release from detention. He had wounded the two guards on multiple occasions in the head, at the level of the cervical and collarbones, with a knife never found.

The court also imposed socio-judicial follow-up for five years after the sentence, with three additional years in prison in case of non-compliance: “The violence of the act, the number of blows struck in the upper area of ​​the body, were retained”, specified the president of the court. Premeditation was also held against an accused who “Tends to victimize himself, with an impulsive personality”, she stressed.

He has ten days to appeal.

“The face of the Republic”

For Arnaud Viornery, the attorney general, who had required twenty-five years of criminal imprisonment, “We tried to kill prison guards with premeditation”, that is to say “The face of the Republic”, two men “Who did not deserve what happened to them”.

The two keepers presented 11 and 13 wounds, each having “Two deep wounds”, without a vital prognosis, had testified this week the forensic doctor who had examined them.

Judging “Homicidal intent” “Obvious and patent”, Mr. Viornery had on the other hand “Totally discarded the terrorist motive”, simply acknowledging “A religious connotation” in this act. After the fact, the inmate shouted « Allahou akbar ! » then was draped in a Palestinian flag.

This attack had taken place a few days after the attack by a jihadist prisoner of three guards in Vendin-le-Vieil (Pas-de-Calais) which had triggered a vast social movement of prison officers to obtain more security.

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“Destroyed and crushed”

“Where’s the evidence?” Six months from the end of his sentence, he took a piece of iron and assaulted guards in front of cameras. I call it big bullshit. This is not premeditation ”, had hammered Me Yassine Maharsi, one of the two lawyers of the accused, evoking a “Irrational act, without calculation” and asking “Free justice”, without evoking pain.

Me Lola Dubois, her second tip, regretted a mess: “Nothing predestined him to be there. He dreamed of being a football player. We know he will be condemned. But we must appreciate the circumstances surrounding these facts. This isolation measure is slowly killing him. He’s almost already dead ”, she had warned.

Morad Akaouch had explained his gesture by “A fit of anger” linked to “Harassment of supervisors”. In his defense, “We destroyed and crushed it”, she had decided, denouncing “The hypocrisy of the overseers” at the bar.

The three lawyers of the civil parties had asked “A just decision, commensurate with the suffering of the victims”, describing in Morad Akaouch “A crouching monster who asks only to appear”.

Last to speak, out of his box on the order of the president, Morad Akaouch had presented once again ” his excuses “ to the guards, as he had already done on the first day of the trial: “I have committed an act that is not normal. I do not recognize myself in there. I had no intention of damaging their lives. I did not go to kill them ”, he insisted.

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