June 30, 2022

“I’m leaving this show”: Jenifer’s distress after the elimination of Al.Hy in “The Voice All Stars”

Thunderclap in the cross battles event of “The Voice All Stars”. One of the favorites of this season, which sees the best of the former contenders from the past ten years against each other, Al.Hy, 27, was beaten before the final. There was a big change in the famous test of battles. For this season of “The Voice All Stars”, exit the ring of traditional duels, the coaches had to designate one of their candidates one by one so that they challenge a talent from another team. Small subtlety: it is only the spectators present in the public who vote to designate the winner. It is therefore a real strategic game that was set up this Saturday evening for the coaches. What talent should you advance on the chessboard first?

It was Florent Pagny who started this battle first, defying his friend Mika, announcing “start with a lot”: Anne Sila. In front of Ecco, she takes again “Writing’s on the Wall”, of Sam Smith, and qualifies for the direct ones, with more than 73% of the votes. A formality. The seven-season coach is the big winner of this first week of cross battles, winning all his duels, and sending Dominique Magloire, Manon and Anne Sila to the final.

To prepare, the candidates could be helped in rehearsals by some historical headliners of the program, such as Slimane, Kendji Girac, Camille Lellouche, Maëlle and Amir.

In the duel between the two candidates of the first season of the telecrochet, Flo Malley won with 54.4% of the votes. Capture TF1

Jenifer, for her part, has seen her talents depart with each battle, starting with Al.Hy, her absolute darling, all seasons combined. The young singer revealed in season 1 had yet put all the coaches in agreement on her cover of “Life On Mars”. But opposite, it is Flo Malley, of Patrick Fiori’s team, who won with 54.4% of the votes thanks to his interpretation of “Alter Ego” by Jean-Louis Aubert. Jenifer’s stupor. “I’m shocked,” she managed to stammer in front of the scores. Before going on, half-bravado, half-ironic: “I am leaving this program, I do not continue …” Then, after having regained her spirits a little, she addressed the executioner of her candidate: “I am you. love it, Flo, I didn’t want to react like that, but I am in the most total misunderstanding. “

Seeing Jenifer very affected, Nikos Aliagas tries to cheer up the coach, recalling that at “The Voice”, “we have fun”. “No, that doesn’t amuse me! »Answers the singer dryly, tears in her eyes before paying homage to Al.Hy and meeting the audience. “She has an album that is going to be spectacular. “The interpreter of” My revolution “also said goodbye to Anthony Trice and Ogee, who however set fire to the set.

At the end of the show, Patrick Fiori manages to qualify Antoine in addition to Flo Malley for the direct, but loses Cassidy. For Zazie, the harvest is weak: the eccentric Demi-Mondaine continues the adventure, while Olympe and Yoann Launay bid farewell. In Mika’s team, Terrence and Victoria Adamo reach the next bounty, while the Neo group joins Ecco in the row of the eliminated.