June 30, 2022

if the vaccination pass is in place, non-vaccinated athletes will be excluded from the game

The government wants the vaccine pass to replace the health pass from January 15.

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Prime Minister Jean Castex announced new health restrictions on Monday, December 27, to try to counter the spread of the virus, and particularly of the Omicron variant. The decisions of the French government have consequences for the world of sport.

From January 3 and for three weeks, the gauges will be back in the stadiums and halls. Jean Castex has announced that large gatherings will be limited to 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 people outdoors. Those present in the sports grounds on these dates will not be able to profit from the sale of drinks and food, which will be prohibited.

For athletes, government decisions should also have consequences, especially for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated. If the Parliament votes the implementation of the vaccine pass to replace the health pass, then high-level athletes who have chosen to do without the vaccine will no longer be able to enter sports arenas. And will therefore be at rest forced.

“Insofar as sports establishments – stadiums, gymnasiums, sports halls – will be subject to the vaccination pass for those over 12 years old if the text is adopted by Parliament, then, in effect, high-level sportsmen who are not vaccinated, just like spectators who are in the same case, will no longer be able to access the sports grounds. Not because of their status, but because of the obligation to have this vaccination pass “, said the entourage of Roxana Maracineanu, Deputy Minister for Sports, at franceinfo: sport.