May 14, 2022

“I want, I want, it’s the great specialty” of the president, annoys Marine Le Pen

“He won’t get anything because he hasn’t actually gotten anything from the European Union for the past five years,” said the Rassemblement national presidential candidate.

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“He wants, he wants, he wants, but what has he been doing for five years? ‘I want, I want’, that’s Emmanuel Macron’s great specialty”, annoyed the candidate of the National Rally in the presidential election Marine Le Pen on Wednesday January 19 on France Inter, while Emmanuel Macron says he wants to create a European minimum wage, reform Schengen or even regulate the internet giants and set up a carbon tax at EU borders.

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While Emmanuel Macron gives a speech in front of the European Parliament presenting the French presidency of the European Union, Marine Le Pen believes that his stated ambitions for the EU are “empty shells”, the “ministry of the word”, from “cinema”: “He won’t get anything because he actually got nothing from the European Union for the last five years.”

The RN candidate, who wants to include French law on European law in the Constitution, ensures that France “is not at all obliged to leave the European Union” for it : “We can perfectly stay in the EU by putting the EU in its place”. Marine Le Pen says she wants a “Europe of nations between free and sovereign nations”.

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