July 4, 2022

“I am delighted with this proposal from Anne Hidalgo, things are finally moving”, declares Arnaud Montebourg



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The presidential candidate wants to work with the other left-wing candidates to build a common project.

“I am delighted with the initiative taken by Anne Hidalgo following my appeal”, estimated Arnaud Montebourg on franceinfo, Wednesday, December 8. The PS candidate called for the organization of a primary of the left. But the former Minister of the Economy prefers to mention first the construction of a common project. Believing “the extreme right at the gates of power”, he also called the various candidates to “give up the ‘me I’ for the ‘we'”.

“We are in a situation where Emmanuel Macron has a strong chance of being beaten by Ms. Le Pen.”

Arnaud Montebourg

on franceinfo

“When there is fire in the city, the alarm must be sounded.” Welcoming Anne Hidalgo’s initiative, he nevertheless wondered about the process. “I am delighted with this proposal from Anne Hidalgo, things are finally moving (…) But I will not find myself in a face-to-face primary with Anne Hidalgo, it makes no sense, he explained. I was the inventor of the primary 10 years ago. I took part in two of them, I know the advantages, I know the disadvantages ”. He believes that the responsibility for the organization of this primary would now rest on the leading candidates in the voting intentions, that is to say Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Before the organization of a possible primary, Arnaud Montebourg offers the various left-wing candidates a meeting in order to put “five projects” on the table with the aim of building a common project. Like the German coalition currently in power, he believes that the various left forces may be able to find compromises. Until a rallying solution emerges, Arnaud Montebourg remains a candidate. “No rallying, no withdrawal, but I offer my candidacy for a common project, when we find it I will withdraw my candidacy.”