January 26, 2022

How many health passes disabled on January 15?

CORONAVIRUS – This time again, the ax will fall. In the midst of the Omicron variant wave and while the third dose of vaccine against covid-19 has now been offered for more than six weeks to all adults in France, a first deadline arises this Saturday, January 15, 2022.

That day, between 500,000 and 700,000 people who have not had their Covid-19 vaccine booster theoretically risk having their health pass deactivated, according to Olivier Véran. A figure which is probably overestimated, however qualified the Minister of Health on Franceinfo this Wednesday, January 12.

“We have roughly between 500 and 700,000 (people) who, two days ago had not yet received their reminder,” said the minister, stressing however that the number of passes deactivated at this deadline would be arguably lower. Among them, “there is a significant number who have presented an infection and who have not yet put proof of their infection in their All Anti Covid system”, which extends the validity of their pass, he said. he adds.

The day before, the ministry had estimated the number at a maximum of 800,000, also indicating that it was “probably overestimated”.

An encouraging precedent in mid-December

At the end of November, by opening the vaccine booster to all adults, the government announced that it would be necessary to extend the health pass (which will soon be replaced by a vaccination pass). In the absence of a reminder or certificate of reinstatement, the pass can be deactivated from January 15.

This does not mean that the reminder must necessarily have been made before this date, which simply corresponds to the entry into force of the mechanism: from Saturday, the pass will be deactivated for people who have not had a booster dose. at most 7 months after the last injection. A deadline that can be easily obtained thanks to a tool put online by the government on the health insurance website.

For those over 65 and people with comorbidities, who had access to the booster as early as September, that deadline was December 15. “In mid-December, people were worried (…), and in fact you have not heard of any pass that jumps”, put Olivier Véran into perspective.

According to him, 98% of vaccinated people over 65 were recalled seven months after their last injection. This proportion is “almost 90%” three months after the last injection. “The acceptability rate of the recall is enormous”, added the minister, according to whom “the recall is the rule, the non-recall is the exception”.

For the time being, 29.5 million people have received their recall since the opening of the campaign on September 1, then its gradual expansion to all adults.

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