July 1, 2022

Hinschberger: “Toulouse’s defeat against Caen humanizes this team a bit”

Before the kick-off of Amiens – TFC, Philippe Hinschberger, the Picard coach, spoke at a press conference, relayed by our colleagues from 11 Amiens : “It’s going to be a big game for us in our situation. It will be more complicated for us than for Toulouse. There is a context where there will be people at the stadium and I am waiting for us to be present. Of course we will look for a result, it is obvious, but already in our content, our attitudes, our behavior, we know that if we are not at a certain level, it will be difficult for us because Toulouse is not content with crumbs. They take a lot of things and the crumbs are more for the opponent. We do not have to be afraid either when approaching this match. We must be well aware of our strengths and weaknesses as well, analyze the opponent well to know where we can hurt and to what extent we can put ourselves in the least possible difficulty. It is important not to be cautious because if you are too cautious, it will not go well. We have to be able to pose problems for this great team. (…) The fact that Toulouse lost on Monday against Caen, that somewhat humanizes this team at the start of the championship, because they have flown over widely. They have twenty-three points, which is a huge total. They are like everyone else, they have sometimes had a little more success which makes that it gives a victory, a draw or a defeat. They are sure of their strength and I have no illusions about it at all. For us, it’s still a big game to play against a very good team, very complete. The fact that they lost has to happen at some point and that’s not what should keep them from sleeping. He’s a big steamroller who exhausts his opponents with strong ball possession, but also vertical play, speed, set pieces. They show very little weakness.