July 7, 2022

High school student fired from school after alleged sexual assault by teacher

A high school student was expelled from Pierre Beghin high school, in Moirans (Isère), this Tuesday, November 16, after denouncing an alleged sexual assault on the part of a PE teacher, on October 21.

A significant mobilization of students took place this Thursday, November 18 at the Pierre Beghin high school in Moirans (Isère), near Voiron, in support of a teenage girl expelled from the establishment after having denounced an alleged sexual assault on the part of a PE teacher.

During a warm-up on October 21, a 1st year pupil would have received a “slap on the buttocks” from the teacher. Following this, a friend of the victim shared the story of the event in a “story” on the Instagram network. She would have received, in response, more than twenty testimonies targeting the professor.

“In fact, the professor in question is already the target of three complaints to the establishment’s CPE”, relates a press release from the UNL high school union. The high school student at the origin of the “story” was definitively excluded from the establishment, her messages having been deemed defamatory, confirm the Grenoble academy and the management following a disciplinary commission. The family has two weeks to appeal this decision.

Following this information, the rector’s office announced that it wanted to “initiate support and clarification work”. He specifies that no legal complaint has yet been filed and that the testimonies posted on Instagram are, in fact, considered anonymous. However, the cabinet adds that an internal investigation was opened and that “the competent authorities have been informed”.

Many messages were posted in the halls of the school, sfollow these events, and a pacifist mobilization was organized this Thursday, November 18 in the morning, in front of the establishment.

“We observe that the administration of the Pierre Beghin high school places more importance in the words of a teacher accused of sexual assault multiple times than in that of more than twenty victims and witnesses”, regrets the union. This asks, among other things, “that measures be taken against the professor” Thus “that the excluded student can resume lessons.”

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