July 1, 2022

Here it all begins: A new baby at the institute? (SPOILERS)

Here it all starts

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Credits: Stars news and TF1

A heavy secret will soon be unveiled in the daily series “Here everything begins” from TF1. A student is pregnant at the Auguste Armand Institute. In a few days, in the kitchen, Lionel and Greg will make a strange discovery…

It was a week rich in emotions following the competition for the best student of the institute. In Here it all starts on TF1, the students of the Auguste Armand Institute are trying to resume the course of their lives. Following the announcement of the competition results, Louis Guinot wasted no time in taking his place within the management and dethroning the Chief Teyssier from his position as director. This announcement within the school had aroused a lot of anger. But while the apprentice cooks have resumed their lives as normal, new adventures will see the light of day next week.. It could well be that a big news comes to turn the course of history upside down…

Greg, Here it all starts – Credit (s): tf1

The last time we talked to you baby in Here it all starts, it was during the discovery of an infant within the institute August Armand. This appearance in the daily series of TF1 disturbed more than one student. This baby, who turns out to be Jasmine and Greg’s son, is now an integral part of the series. This week, during a cooking class, Greg and Lionel will make a strange discovery.. They’re going to find a pregnancy test. A positive test. At the sight of this test, Lionel will hasten to post it on the WhatsApp group of the institute. Greg, his best friend, will ask him not to.

But who could this pregnancy test belong to?!

This is THE question everyone is asking! When discovering Naël, Jasmine’s son and Greg, the whole institute was looking for the mother who had abandoned him. When Greg and Lionel will discover this test and see that it is positive, the two apprentice cooks will again find themselves at the heart of a heavy secret. Lionel will be the first to want to share his discovery on the institute’s WhatsApp group. Conversely, Greg puts himself in the place of the young woman and will try to prevent her. Lionel will find Greg’s reaction bad, but will think that it may be about Kelly, his girlfriend. But who could this pregnancy test belong to? We will know more in the next episodes…