January 25, 2022

“He needs to transmute himself into a real candidate” for the presidential election, believes political scientist Jean Petaux

By making a middle finger to a passer-by this Saturday in Marseille, the far-right columnist “is not in a serious candidacy for the presidential election”, judge Jean Petaux.

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“Eric Zemmour is not fitting” with the residential election, “he needs to transmute himself into a real candidate”, estimated on franceinfo, Saturday, November 27, the political scientist Jean Petaux. The far-right polemicist who is due to announce his candidacy in the coming days sent, during a trip to Marseille, a finger of honor to a passer-by who had just made the same gesture. Jean Petaux raises a hypothesis: “Or it is a strategy which consists in multiplying the excesses a bit à la Trump”.

“In other words, we do acts and we respond with acts that are not in the usual register of a serious presidential candidacy. It is not sure that the French appreciate”, advances the political scientist. This middle finger was made by “instinct or not”, continues Jean Petaux but, he adds, “The presidential is a serious matter, it is not just running the TV shows and the polemicist’s stamps to ensure the weekend evenings. The presidential is a serious matter. So, we should not be satisfied with doing daily buzz in a vocabulary, a gesture, which does not compensate for an absence of program, of reflection. ”

“Eric Zemmour may need to grow up.”

Jean Petaux

to franceinfo

The political scientist took the opportunity to return to the origin of the middle finger which “dates back to the Hundred Years’ War. The English archers were much better than the French and when the French caught one they cut off a finger so that he would no longer shoot with the bow. As a result, in each fight the English got into the habit of showing the French their middle finger. “