July 1, 2022

Gigantic fire in a camp of Travelers in Grenoble; a plume of smoke visible for several kilometers around

By raising their eyes to the sky of Grenoble, this Saturday, November 20, the inhabitants of the agglomeration were able to see the plume of smoke from a very violent fire which broke out on rue des Alliés in a camp of Travelers.

An impressive plume of smoke unfolded this Saturday, November 20 in the sky of the Grenoble agglomeration. The alert was given shortly after 3 p.m.

Caravans were on fire in a Travelers’ camp. A camp located on rue des Alliés, not far from the Richardson company.

In a tweet, the prefecture of Isère warned the residents of Grenoble of the gravity of the situation.

The firefighters mobilized massively to prevent the spread and control the raging fire. The residents were able to film the extremely violent flames.

video length: 57sec

Rue des Alliés fire

© Baptiste Pellerin

A security perimeter was established all around the area with a traffic ban for pedestrians and cars because the firefighters feared more than anything an explosion due to the presence of gas cylinders.

For now, the causes of this incident are not yet known.

At the height of the fire, nearly 80 firefighters were engaged with vehicles for logistics and security. A van for technological risks was also mobilized. Finally, to coordinate everything, a site manager, Commander Philippe Commeaux, was present to oversee the entire chain of command.

video length: 29sec

Fire on rue des Alliés

© Baptiste Pellerin and Dominique Bourget

At the beginning of the evening, the balance sheet reported a building of the Richardson company of 2500 square meters completely destroyed, another of 4000 square meters could be preserved thanks to the efforts of the firefighters. One of them sustained minor shoulder injuries.

However, the firefighters’ task was not over because after the flames had been brought under control, a monitoring procedure for the cooling phase, in particular of the gas cylinders, had to be put in place throughout the night with the maintenance of a hydraulic device.

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