July 1, 2022

Gale in Brittany: end of orange vigilance, broken records – Brittany

  • 1 End of orange vigilance in Brittany
  • Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine were downgraded to yellow rain-flood vigilance on Sunday morning. The two departments were placed on orange vigilance on Saturday. With the Côtes-d’Armor, they nevertheless remain placed in yellow vigilance because of possible floods. The department of Finistère is no longer on alert.

    Météo France lifted the red “rain-flood” vigilance in Loire-Atlantique on Sunday morning. Loire-Atlantique is however on orange alert, as are 21 other departments in France.

  • 2 Breton households cut off from electricity
  • If at 6 p.m. on Saturday 6,000 households were deprived of electricity in the region (3,000 in Morbihan, 1,500 in Finistère, 1,000 in Ille-et-Vilaine and 500 in the Côtes d’Armor), the work teams from Enedis reduced this number to 1,300 at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. A return to normal is planned for this Sunday morning.

  • 3 records have fallen
  • According to Météo Ciel, records were broken on Saturday in Brittany for the volume of rain fell in 24 hours. This is particularly the case in Morbihan, near Pleucadeuc (73.3 mm of precipitation in 24 hours), Vannes (69 mm), Auray (65.4 mm), Ploërmel (64.9 mm), Sarzeau (47.8 mm) and Malansac (60 mm). But also in Ille-et-Vilaine, where it was recorded 53.8 mm in 24 hours at La Noé-Blanche. 98.3 mm have been recorded in the last 24 hours in Nantes-Ville, thus beating the rainfall record over this period for this station.

    (Sky Weather)
  • 4 Gusts of up to 115 km / h but no record
  • The strongest gust recorded in France on Saturday was measured in Brittany. This happened on the island of Groix (56), with 115 km / h, during the afternoon, when the southerly flow was most virulent. Logically, it was the exposed headlands that were swept more by the wind, with 109 km / h recorded at Pointe du Raz (29), after 106 km / h at midday, and at Pointe Saint-Mathieu. On the islands too, the gusts were sometimes sustained, with 108 km / h at Belle-Ile and 105 km / h at Ouessant. The 100 km / h bar was approached in Brest and Landivisiau, with 98 km / h in the afternoon.

    Gale force in Brittany: end of orange vigilance, broken records
    (Sky weather)
  • 5 Vigilance on waterways
  • The passage of the depression generated significant accumulations of rains, particularly in the south of the Oust watershed, which was placed on yellow alert. “The tributaries of the Oust such as La Claie and l’Arz have already reacted well and the reaction should continue in the days that follow. The rapid reactions of the tributaries located downstream of the Oust should lead to a faster reaction than usual in the downstream sector of the latter, ”the prefecture indicated in a press release. “The sometimes intense rains should cause the rivers upstream of the watersheds to react strongly”.

  • 6 Return of the sunny spells this Sunday
  • The depression will shift eastwards this Sunday, leaving the Bretons a little rest. Clouds are expected in the morning. In the afternoon, cloudy periods should appear. Some precipitation cannot be excluded. Gusts of wind are expected, but they have nothing to do with what was recorded the day before: they should not exceed 70 km / h.