January 26, 2022

Gale in Brittany: 3,000 homes without electricity, gusts of up to 139 km / h – Brittany

  • 1 “A stronger gale than expected”
  • For Gilles Matricon, forecaster at the Weather Channel, “it was a stronger gale than expected, due to this low pressure which, supplied with polar air, plunged from the North Sea towards France. It is the combination of this cold air and this depression which is at the origin of the violent winds on the coasts of the Channel ”.

  • 2,139 km / h at Pointe du Raz, 135 km / h in Brignogan, 115 km / h in Sibiril, 102 km / h in Lannion and Brest, waves 8.5 m high…
  • The strong gale announced therefore did blow overnight, mainly on the northern coast of Brittany. As these were northerly winds, the south of Brittany was rather spared. For a month of November, gust records were recorded in Sibiril (29) with a peak of 115 km / h, while the previous record for November was 113 km / h in 2016. Another record broken for a month of November, in Lannion (22) where a gust reached 102 km / h (99 km / h in 2016).
    Without being a record, it is at the anoint of Raz (29) that the strongest gust was recorded, in the night from Friday to Saturday, with a peak at 139 km / h, or 4 km / h more than ‘in Brignogan (29). In Brest, the wind blew up to 102 km / h. “This type of wind near the coast occurs on average two to three times per winter”, specifies Gilles Matricon. At sea, the waves reached 8.5 m high off Le Conquet (29) and 5.7 m at Belle-Ile (56).

    On the Trégorois coast, here in Saint-Jean-du-Doigt, the sea is raging. (The Telegram / Sophie Guillerm)
  • 3 Up to 4,500 households without electricity
  • Saturday, at 8:30 am, 4,500 Breton households were deprived of electricity due to bad weather, said Enedis. At noon, there were still 3,000, including 1,500 in Côtes-d’Armor, 1,000 in Finistère and 500 in Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine. 300 Enidis technicians and 230 service providers are currently intervening to restore the situation. “We are doing our best to get back to normal by this Saturday evening,” assures the management of Enedis.

  • 4 Trees lying on the road and the Brest cable car at a standstill
  • On several occasions, the firefighters of the country of Morlaix had to intervene for trees lying on the roadway: in Sainte-Sève, Saint-Martin-des-Champs, Plourin-lès-Morlaix, Plougasnou, Garlan, Plouigneau, Locquirec, Lanmeur, Saint-Jean-du-Doigt, Carantec… Also because of the strong gusts of wind, the Brest cable car was interrupted this Saturday morning.

    The Costa Rican firefighters have dealt with more than a hundred calls concerning fallen trees, electrical wires on the ground, damaged roofs and blown chimney caps. These same Côtes-d’Armor firefighters intervened 11 times for road accidents in just a few hours, says France Bleu. Five light injuries are to be deplored. In Ille-et-Vilaine, firefighters carried out a total of 33 interventions in the Saint-Malo sector.

  • 4 Flakes in Central Brittany and record cold in Arzal
  • Heavy hail showers also hit the region, while flakes fell in Central Brittany, as in Rostrenen (22) where it was 1.5 °, the same temperature as in Kerpert, still in the Côtes-d’Armor. But it is in Arzal (56) where we shivered the most in Brittany: 1.1 °, this Saturday, at 5 am. “The wind blew so hard it felt freezing cold,” the forecaster notes.

  • 5 Return to lull around 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
  • According to the Weather Channel, “the wind will still blow quite strongly this Saturday, in the Arrée mountains and on the north coast, but it will calm down from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. and there will be no new snowfall in Brittany ”. “On the other hand, warns Gilles Matricon, we expect temperatures ranging from 6 ° to 8 ° this Saturday afternoon, four degrees below the usual averages for a month of November. Even if there was no frost, this weekend we are at the level of the January averages ”. “Tomorrow, Sunday,” concludes the forecaster, “it will be much calmer, but we will have very cloudy skies, however.”