January 29, 2022

Frustr, Lyon 13th la trve! – Players’ brief and NOTES (OL 1-1 Metz) – Football

Ineffective despite his awakening in the second period, Olympique Lyonnais scored on Metz (1-1) this Wednesday for his last match of the year and continues to stand still …

Caqueret and OL are treading water …

In the hard, Olympique Lyonnais has a fourth game without a win in Ligue 1 by stopping at home against Metz (1-1) on Wednesday the occasion of the 19th day.

Despite their clear domination, the Gones lacked realism during a crazy second period. They are 13th mid-season (with one game less) …

Hot shot sign Nguette

Peter Bosz’s men brushed past the entrance correctional unit when Nguette, thrown in the back of the defense, was going to fight Lopes. But this goal was annulled after recourse to the VAR for an offside difficult to perceive with the naked eye… OL then confiscated the ball but lacked technical accuracy. That didn’t stop Emerson from getting his first chance, but his shot was thwarted. On the corner, Aouar’s recovery passed two fingers from Caillard’s left post. Kouyat then had to return in extremis to Dembl’s feet to save the Garnets.

Lyon scores, Metz responds!

Volunteer and very present in the engagement, the men of Frdric Antonetti replied against, but Lopes responded now by deflecting the threatening center of Boulaya. Due to a significant technical loss, there was no more real opportunity thereafter until this wounded, lifeless recovery of Paqueta who passed just above before the break.

Not satisfied with this very muddled copy, Bosz launched Guimaraes, Toko Ekambi and especially Cherki during the break. The effect was immediate and we could feel the Messins more and more under pressure. Caillard saved the furniture against Dembl but, on the corner, Cherki found Lukeba’s head who capsized Groupama Stadium (1-0, 56th). From then on, this match was going completely crazy and Traor, omnipresent in the midfield, equalized almost immediately with a lot of skill in the box (1-1, 59th).

Cherki almost changed everything …

This only increased the ardor of the Lyonnais with a huge double opportunity for Cherki then Dembl, both defeated by Kouyat on his line! Under the impetus of a very restless Cherki, the Gones pushed, but Dembl missed the frame on his recovery in the box, just like Cherki twice. Metz also had a card to play against but Lopes came out in front of Niane, while Kouyat could not find the frame of the head. Despite two new situations for Toko Ekambi and Slimani in the box, OL finished the year with a lot of frustration… Convincing tonight, Metz is 18th.

The score of the match: 7.5 / 10

Despite a significant technical loss, especially in the first period, we witnessed a very lively game with no real downtime. In a Groupama Stadium which set the mood despite the cold, the second period was even totally crazy and undecided until the end. An almost one-sided but very pleasant meeting.

The goals :

– On a right-hand corner, Cherki finds Lukeba, who wins in the air and beats Caillard with a powerful head (1-0, 56 ‘).

– Boateng releases a cross with the head, but the ball goes back to Traor. On entering the area, Messin eliminates Gusto by raising the ball then he enchains with a strike that Lopes can only slow down with his hand (1-1, 59th).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Boubacar Traor (8/10)

What a match for the young midfielder! Tireless in the recovery and in the pressing, the Malian then the Lyonnais parried his slaughter and made several saving returns. also able to shine the creation, the image of his bell pass on the refused goal Nguette, the Messin even pays the luxury of scoring a goal full of technique. Bluffing!


Anthony Lopes (5.5): facing Boulaya first and then Niane, the Lyon goalkeeper made an important outing during each period. Not unhappy to see the VAR stealing its aid on the refused goal Nguette, he touches the ball on that of Traor, in vain …

Damien Da Silva (3): the central defender had a particularly complicated game. Often caught behind his back, the former Rennais paid for his lack of speed, as on the action of Boulaya, stopped by Lopes. Logically sacrificed the break and replaced the 46th minute with Karl Toko Camp (5), who made a decent entry, in his usual style with a lot of running on the left side. The Cameroonian stumbles on Caillard in added time.

Jrme Boateng (5): average match from the central defender. In the first period, the German did good with his presence in the air to repel danger. A little less solid then and his release of the head in the axis leads to the opposing equalization. Replace the 77th minute with Islam Slimani (non not), which misses the frame of the head in the last moments.

Castello Lukeba (6.5): the youngest but also the most convincing of OL’s central defenders tonight. Very strong-willed, the Gone made several interesting spurts and brought danger on stopped kicks. Rewarded by opening the scoring.

Malo Gusto (6): offensively, the right side has once again seduced his world with a big presence, even in the opponent’s area, in the second period. On the defensive side, the results are a little more nuanced and Traor puts it in the wind on his goal.

Thiago Mendes (4): insufficient match from the midfielder who suffers from the comparison with his counterparts in Metz. The Brazilian was not inspired in his choices on the ball either.

Maxence Caqueret (5): a paradoxical part for the midfielder, author of good interceptions and who responded present in the engagement. But Gone also struggled against the opposing power in the duels and Bosz certainly did not want to take any risk after his yellow card by sending him out at half-time. Replace the 46th minute with Bruno Guimaraes (6), author of a Russian entry with several good balls slipped in the back of the defense.

Emerson (4): very average game from the left side, which we have seen much less offensively than Gusto and who has not always reigned supreme in his lane. He was countered on the first opportunity for OL.

Lucas Paqueta (3): the attacking midfielder confirms his current slack … Despite a few ball grips of which he has the secret, the Brazilian lacked inspiration and accuracy in his choices and can not regain the influence that ‘ he would work at the start of the season. Disappointing and replaced the 46th minute with Ryan Cherki (7). Author of a thunderous entry, the Gone transformed the face of his team by provoking a lot on the right and he often managed to overtake. If it was not successful in the last gesture, the Bleuet still offers a decisive pass from a corner.

Moussa Dembele (5): not successful the finish with 3 unfinished clear chances in the area, the attacker compensated by his attitude with a regular pressing, a lot of stalls and a few good passes to his teammates.

Houssem Aouar (4.5): the attacking midfielder ends the year on a fairly average note. His influence on the game was generally disappointing but Gone still managed to participate in a few good combinations and he did not balk at defensive efforts. He did not go far to open the scoring on his recovery in the first half.


Marc-Aurle Caillard (7): the Metz goalkeeper responded widely to help his team get this point, the image of his superb reflex stop against Dembl on his return from the locker room or his exit against Toko Ekambi in the last minutes . Difficult to incriminate him on goal.

Fabien Centonze (5): in his lane, the right side was less in sight offensively than usual and he focused on defensive tasks.

Dylan Bronn (5): on his right side, the central defender will have been a little less in demand. The Tunisian took the opportunity to try to make the difference on his raises, without much success and with a lot of waste.

Boubakar Kouyate (7): author of a huge return to Dembl’s feet in the first period then of a saving double rescue on his line just after the two goals, the central defender played the guardian angels this evening. Not aggressive enough on the corner of the Lyon goal, one of his rare false notes of the evening.

Jemerson (5): several times the limit of rupture, the central defender held firm and the Brazilian did not hesitate to set foot to make a mistake when he felt he was going to be exceeded.

Thomas Delaine (5): even if Cherki represented a sacred customer, the left piston did rather well. Author also of some good centers. Replace the 74th minute with Amadou Salif Mbengue (not rated).

Habib Maga (6): like his friend Traor, the midfielder provided constant generosity in pressing. A little more messy in the use of the ball but a real wiper!

Boubacar Traor (8): read the comment above.

Farid Boulaya (5): rather discreet, the attacking midfielder came out of his box from time to time to play shots, which he did rather well, but Lopes defeated him before the break.

Opa N’Guette (5.5): his races behind the defense were a permanent threat to the Lyonnais, as were his deviations. Despite the frustration generated by his canceled entry goal for a few inches, the striker fought well. Exhausted, he kills a good ball in the area at the end of the game. Replace the 70th minute with Ibrahima Niane (not rated).

Nicolas De Prville (5): efforts, races and deviations that weighed on the Lyon defense, but we will have seen little of the attacker in the opposing area. Replace the 74th minute with Warren Tchimbemb (non not).

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LYON 1-1 METZ (mi-tps: 0-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 19th day
Stadium: Groupama Stadium, Lyon – Referee: Pierre Gaillouste, France

Buts : C. Lukeba (56th) for LYON – B. Traor (58th) for METZ
Warnings : Mr. Caqueret (30th), D. Da Silva (39e), for LYON – Jemerson (34e), H. Maga (68e), A. S. Mbengue (84e), for METZ

LYON : Anthony LopesD. Da Silva (Bruno Guimares, 46e), J. Boateng (I. Slimani, 77e), C. LukebaM. Gusto, EmersonThiago Mendes, M. Caqueret (M. Cherki, 46e)Lucas Paquet (K. Toko Ekambi, 46e), H. AouarMr. Dembl

METZ : M. CaillardD. Bronn, B. Kouyat, JemersonF. Centonze, T. Delaine (A. S. Mbengue, 74e)H. Maga, B. TraorN. de Prville (W. Tchimbemb, 90+2e), F. BoulayaFather Nguette (I. Niane, 70e)

The offside of Nguette not obvious on this angle …

Cherki woke up OL after coming into play at half-time …

Thiago Mendes and Lyon confirm their difficulties.