July 1, 2022

François Hollande maintains doubts about a possible candidacy, Anne Hidalgo wants to believe in “humor”

Will he be a candidate? The former President of the Republic François Hollande once again raised doubts about a possible candidacy, Sunday January 23, in a program broadcast on France 3 devoted to a meeting with high school students.

“For the moment I am not a candidate, you have noticed”, notably replied Mr. Holland to one of the high school students, before adding: “And since it’s not going well [dans le pays et à gauche], it’s true that we could say to ourselves: “Would one more candidacy be useful?. I don’t know, I don’t think, moreover… I have the same ideas as before, I continue to defend them, and a former president can very well go back to politics and, it happened, be a candidate in the presidential election”, he added. Asked about his possible candidacy, he replied: “I will, in any case, speak soon. »

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His words sound like a new disavowal for the socialist candidate, Anne Hidalgo. Asked Monday morning on RTL about these statements by the former head of state, the mayor of Paris remarked: “First of all, François Hollande, whom I see regularly, has a lot of humor, and I think he showed a lot of humor in front of these 2from », she judged. And to continue: “I’m not here to comment on small sentences, even those of François Hollande. »

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” I am not afraid “

The former President of the Republic, who had decided not to run again in 2017, had nevertheless supported Anne Hidalgo in November in Tulle, in the form of ” handover “. “It is not my mind to recall the differences, Anne Hidalgo is the candidate of the PS and social democratic ideas, which are also mine”, he had indicated, specifying that he had “suffered enough from dissenting voices for [s]we’re five years old”, so as not to disturb Mme Hidalgo during his campaign.

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But these statements by Mr. Holland maintain a little more doubt about the campaign of the Socialist candidate, who tried to go on the offensive on Saturday during a meeting in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis).

“So are we going to give in? (…) Are we going to let our France sink into the throes of an ever more violent liberalism with the middle classes and working classes, with the youth, or sink into a deadly national-populism? » ” Never ! », she exclaimed, in front of a thousand activists. Without mentioning the Popular Primary, in which she refuses to participate, she recalled having asked for a “honest, open, clear debate” with its competitors on the left, but “they refused”. “The page is turned, I will defend our project, the French will decide”, she added, before ensuring: ” I am not afraid. »

On RTL Monday morning, Mme Hidalgo I estimated that “this campaign has[vait] not really started”. From now on, “the real starting line is when everyone has lined up their sponsorships”, she added. While hoping not to see François Hollande added to this starting line.

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