July 1, 2022

France: the Blues win without trembling, the summary of the match

Montenegro – France. The Blues were very convincing against Montenegro. They face Denmark on Wednesday and have a good chance of reaching the semi-finals of this Euro 2022.

22:19 – Thank you for following this live with us

We meet again on Wednesday evening (8:30 p.m.) for the last match of the main round against Denmark. It will be a real “quarter-final” for the France team. Good evening to all !

22:11 – The scenarios for the end of this main round

The Blues will qualify for the semi-finals of this Euro 2022 in the event of a victory or a draw against Denmark on Wednesday. A defeat could also allow the Blues to qualify if Montenegro wins against Iceland. The Danes are already qualified.

22:09 – “We’re showing a beautiful image tonight”

Assistant coach Erick Mathé is very satisfied: “I’m happy with the reaction capacity of the players and the contributions in the rotations of Karl (Konan) and Ludovic (Fabregas). They did us good in terms of defensive solidity. a beautiful image tonight and it contrasts with the game the day before yesterday!”

22:06 – “We offer ourselves a final against Denmark”

Dika Mem reacts live on beIN SPORTS: “It does a lot of good mentally. From a technical point of view, we put in a lot more races than against Iceland, we put our backs in a situation (goal ). It was difficult to remobilize (after the defeat). We offer ourselves a final against Denmark and we will try to get it.”

22:00 – Summary of the meeting

The Blues did not tremble against Montenegro. After a somewhat shy start, the French handball team played against Montenegro, which sometimes returned the ball a little easily. The Blues were carried by Nikola Karabatic, elected man of the match, and by Dika Mem, author of 7 goals in 10 attempts. The meeting was marked by a double disqualification in the first half: Vasko Sevaljevic and Vincent Gérard both received a red card. But this event was not detrimental to the Blues: Wesley Pardin made a very good match with eight saves (33% success).

21:57 – It’s over!

France won with a score of 36 to 27. The Blues did not shake and were hardly led in this meeting.

9:55 p.m. – While relaxed, Wesley Pardin makes a final stop

The French goalkeeper won his face-to-face on a Montenegrin counter-attack. He really made a success of his entry after the disqualification of Vincent Gérard.

21:53 – Melvyn Richardson as in training

The right-back scores a nice goal after a perfectly constructed attack by the French team. The Blues are confident and it shows!

21:52 – Benoît Kounkoud scores in the empty goal

The Montenegrins are no longer there at all. After a stereotypical attack and a strike on the post, the Montenegrin players trail before returning to defense. Benoît Kounkoud scores in the empty goal.

21:49 – Erick Mathé rotates at the end of the meeting

Mathieu Grébille, Melvyn Richardson or even Théo Monar have playing time at the end of the match. The clear lead of the Blues allows Erick Mathé to give his executives a little breather.

9:45 p.m. – The break is over

The Blues have undoubtedly taken off with a 10-goal lead. Especially since Wesley Pardin has a series of stops. The Montenegrin coach has just asked for a new timeout to try to remobilize his team, which will be eliminated tonight if this defeat against the France team is confirmed.

21:43 – What a goal from Dika Mem!

The right-back finds Nebojsa Simic’s top corner. With seven goals in ten attempts, Dika Mem is France’s top scorer.

21:35 – Wesley Pardin double save

The second goalkeeper of the Blues plays a good match. He has just made two saves, including a spectacular save with his foot against Milos Vujovic, the Montenegrin top scorer.

21:29 – Montenegro is going through weak weather

The opponents of the Blues are in difficulty. And especially their guardian. After making a lot of saves in the first half, Nebojsa Simic is in trouble. The French unroll and chain the goals. They now have a 7-goal lead.

21:28 – The Blues are patient

Dika Mem scored a fine goal, from a distance, after a long French attack. The Blues are very serene in this Montenegro – France. They are still five goals ahead.