May 22, 2022

Former Interior Minister Claude Guéant will be released from prison on Wednesday, his lawyer announces

Claude Guéant, 77, was taken into custody on December 13, a first for a former tenant in Beauvau.

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He had been incarcerated for almost two months. Claude Guéant will be released from prison on Wednesday, learned France Télévisions, Monday, February 7, from his lawyer. The sentence enforcement judge delivered her decision at the end of the morning after having examined the request for sentence adjustment from the former tenant of Place Beauvau.

The latter was granted conditional release, without an electronic bracelet, from Wednesday. His lawyer argued that Claude Guéant had “fully paid” his debt to the public treasury via loans granted by his relatives and that in prison, his “health situation [ne pouvait] than to deteriorate, with regard to the triple pathology” from which he suffers.

Claude Guéant has been imprisoned since December 13, 2021. Justice criticizes Nicolas Sarkozy’s ex-right-hand man for his lack of effort to pay the fine and damages he was ordered to pay in 2017 in the Home Office cash bonus case.

In another case, this time concerning the Elysée polls, Claude Guéant was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, including eight months, for favoritism, with a deferred deposit warrant, on January 21. Claude Gueant appealed, which suspends the application of this sanction until a second trial.