May 22, 2022

For Holland, Taubira’s victory in the popular primary “does not change anything”

POLITICS – According to him, this has nothing to do with the citizen primary of 2011. François Hollande ruled on Monday January 31 that the popular primary won by Christiane Taubira on Sunday “does not change anything” and that the left remains “in the ‘dead end”.

“Was the popular primary the right method and the right time? Was it the right method when candidates did not want to attend and were invited against their will”, he also wondered during a conference at Science. -Po Paris.

For him, this method “necessarily deprives the victorious person of the legitimacy of this process”, recalling that he had participated in a primary on the left in 2011 with “three million participants” and with “debates which made it possible to see clearly” between the different candidates (Martine Aubry, Ségolène Royal, Arnaud Montebourg, Manuel Valls and Jean-Michel Baylet).

Similarly, the winner of the 2012 presidential election believes that this primary came “too late” and that it should have been preceded by “programmatic work”. But above all, “for there to be a dynamic -and it is desired-, for there to be a union -and it is desirable- there must be a vote, not a note. This is the major point”, he decided.

“No political line”

And, according to him, “that’s why, beyond the people and, beyond the sincerity of the participants, this popular primary does not change anything. We are in the same impasse, there are still as many candidates and there is no political line”.

“If I have a message to convey, it is not about people that the debate should focus but on the political line” which is “not simply a series of measures” but which must be used to “understand what that we want to succeed together”.

Again questioned about a possible presidential candidacy, the ex-president replied with a new pirouette: “I would say that a former president can be a candidate. Nothing prevents it… I am talking about the law… I even know former presidents who wanted to be candidates and who did not manage to do so”, he quipped in allusion to Nicolas Sarkozy, of whom he was victorious in 2012.

Last Tuesday, his entourage denied rumors of a possible candidacy of the former president for the legislative elections in Corrèze, specifying that he could speak in mid-February on the situation in France, in a context “serious enough” for that a former president “comes out of his reserve”.

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